Ring Doorbell loops on Sonos

I’ve looked through every post imaginable on this but not found a solution unfortunately but my apologies if it is out there somewhere (if so, PLEASE point me in the right direction)

I just purchased a ring Video Doorbell 2. All is working great with it but I am trying to automate it so that when it is pressed a chime (preferably an mp3) plays on my Sonos speakers (Sonos 1 x 3, Sonos 3 & beam) and then resumes whatever is playing (or just plays the chime if nothing was playing at the time).

I’ve got it half working but when it is pressed it loops the mp3 continuously (which my kids love as it was saying, “HO HO HO, Merry Christmas” over and over and over… :slight_smile: )

Any help would be great. Thanks

I don’t have the answer, but like to follow this as well.
I’m trying to do the same with my Ringo Pro and sonos speakers, but can 't even get it to work with sonos.

I’m trying with the Speaker Companion smartapp, but can only choose one speaker and no mp3.
Also the one speaker is not working when ringing.

I’ve posted on here and the sonos forums with nothing so guessing it’s not an option.

With IFTTT and everything I honestly thought it would be possible somehow.

Say it isn’t so! I want this too. Just got my Ring yesterday. Came here looking for this exact solution.

I got this working! And it works flawlessly. I followed the instructions in this link:

Edit:. I should note that the above method will not loop. However it will not resume the playlist. I’m going to go out on a limb that it will require a more advanced methodology to achieve this. And while we’re at it, if someone were to get a SmartApp available, to set the volume for the doorbell ring event, and then revert back to the prior Volume, would be fine too!
:stuck_out_tongue:. I think there is an SmartApp called RemindR I’m going to play with that next.

You can also use simplecommands.com . It allows all sorts of sonos notifications for this from ring, nest and other smart devices.

It’s great that you got it half working. It would be helpful to detail what did you use to make the half that is working, in order for someone to help you get the other half fixed.

I couldn’t get it working so removed it all. I’ll try and have a play again this weekend and see whats what with it. I’ll also have a look at SimpleCommands that David_Thor mentions.

As AdamHLG mentions, I want

1 - If I’m listening to something on the sonos and someone presses the door bell, play a specific sound bite, then resume whatever was playing
2 - if the sonois aren’t in use, play the sound bite and then return to quiet.

Not much to ask you wouldn’t think :slight_smile: