Ring Doorbell @ Costco

I haven’t seen this posted yet but my local Costco has the ring Doorbell with chime for $179.99. I’m planning on picking one up the next time I’m there.

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ring vs ring pro
this was great that it included at chime (msrp ring alone was 199). good deal. keep an eye out at Home depot; some were clearance the ring (50to100) to make room for ring pro.

If you have Verizon Wireless, they have their BS smart rewards system. It’s mostly you get to use a specific amount of points on a product to buy things at their normal sale prices.

BUT you can use 4100 points to pay $158+tax for the Ring Doorbell. It’s no home depot clearance, but it’s something.

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Thanks for posting the deal! For future reference, please post deals you find in the deals thread :slight_smile:

They created a deals category for us so that each deal can be it’s own thread under the category … =)


Regarding Verizon, what does this part mean?..

[quote=“Takeagabu, post:3, topic:44754, full:true”]
…BS smart rewards system…[/quote]

I just went there and checked on my status, and signed up for their rewards program, but not sure what the ‘BS’ part means. Is that just the normal meaning (male-cow-dung) in the context of kooky ‘discount programs’, etc (totally understood)? If so, makes sense…I just wanted to make sure I’m not missing anything :slight_smile:

The reason I said BS is because you can only redeem a fixed amount of points for each item, and then you have to redeem that exact amount of points and the remaining amount of money. The first time I checked it out, it seemed like the remaining amount of money was generally a normal sale price. Although maybe the deals did get better.

For the Ring Doorbell, It is $199 - 4100 point = $158

Yea @benji , get with the times :heart: (miss ya btw!)

The demand was too high. More importantly, I keep missing deals the community finds… so it’s ultimately easier for me. HAHAHA! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I bought the Ring doorbell with Chime at Costco 2 weeks ago - and I returned it yesterday. I’m really glad I bought it at Costco, because they have an amazing return policy.

For me, the Ring was too slow - the motion detector either went off all the time or only went off after the person had left the porch. The camera was really low quality - I have a porch and anything outside the shade of the porch was a white blur and you couldn’t see anything beyond a few feet.

Once you add in the fact that you can’t do any “live view” - yet - it’s just pretty much useless for me - except as an actual doorbell. So I bought a new outdoor camera and an actual doorbell and I’ll set that up this week.

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have you tried the kuna? I like it :X

I was seriously considering it. But I have 2 porch lights, so I’d have to spend $330-ish to buy the camera one and the dummy one from their site.

I ended up buying the Outdoor Samsung Smartcam HD - mainly because I’m used to the SmartCam app and the onboard storage is solid.

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You got your fancy schmancy new job and now you don’t write, you don’t call… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahah. I don’t even have time to write to anyone in my life… More than half my life is now up in the air. I probably have more miles than a pilot.

Any discounts on the Pro currently? Thanks