Ring Pro Video Doorbell $149 before coupons Lowes Reg. $249


Ring Pro Video Doorbell
Item # 806946 Model # 88LP000CH000

E. Ocala, FL 5 $149.40 Yes
Crestview, FL 1 $149.40 Yes


$249 here in Michigan…

Only at the 2 store I have listed, Shipping available @ both. Placed an order this AM and its already been shipped. Picked up a fan switch and some hinges to get the order to $200 and used the $40 coupon.

Multiple Faceplates Doorbell
Item #: 806946 Model #: 88LP000CH000 $119.57 1 $119.57
$149.40 Original Price
$29.83 $40 off your $200 purchase

Switch your store to one listed above and the price will change

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Okay. The order went through as a guest through the Crestview store. Lets see if they ship to Michigan or cancel. Thanks for the heads up. Worth a shot. And about $158 with tax.

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worked for me. Thanks for the heads up. I was looking for one of these. I did the same thing as golgo17. Ordered from FL and shipping to Michigan. Got it for 142.52 with military discount.


Thanks @tommyincville. Hopefully it ships (sometimes lowes cancels these…its random). Picked up the Ring Pro, a GE Z-Wave Plus dimmer 14294, and two DeWalt bits at $4 each just to get me over $200 so I could use a $40 off $200 coupon. $171 with tax shipped, not bad for the ring pro and a z-wave plus dimmer.

For those of you unfamiliar you can “generate” your own Lowes coupons. See https://slickdeals.net/f/9549456-lowe-s-10-15-50-off-online-coupons-sharing-only-no-off-topic . Or go to https://www.morovia.com/bulk-check-digit-calculation/index.php and use a number like:


where x is a random number. The output will generate a bunch of numbers…the one ending in 0 is usually a valid code. Like I used 50000014199384? and it generated 10 numbers one of which was 5000001419938460 and worked (the last 0 isn’t used).

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Or you could just follow the directions on the Slickdeals page you linked to and get 10 working codes instead of only 1 of 10. There is an entire thread dedicated to Lowe’s codes

Oooooorrrrr you can not wade through 1000+ posts and a massive confusing initial post and just follow my directions and get what you need. I mean you do you.

Or try a code from this post: https://slickdeals.net/forums/showpost.php?p=104066012&postcount=16751

Actually there are only 140 posts in the Lowe’s thread Lowes $10 off $50 and other Promo Codes Discussion and the instructions are posted several times. Or you can just keep putting in random number hoping that one works.

Formula is simple enough 47000ARRRRCODEX At least you had the link to solve for X, except you inputted the wrong code to begin with which is why you got the wrong result

I’m referring to the link I posted which has 1162 PAGES each with 15 comments:

That forum is a lot more active then here and you can get a quicker response.

Again…you do you. That’s fine. I got my $40 off using what I posted and others can too:


:roll_eyes: I even posted a link with 100+ of codes that should work.

In for one. Thanks for the tip on the doorbell + the $40 off $200. Great deal.

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Anybody’s ship yet?

I just did it. Thanks. 1 question…do I need to buy that special power kit for it or will it hook up to the existing door bell.

Mine will arrive tomorrow

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It will connect to your current doorbell. Your bells transformer needs to be 16Vor more.

Rings Customer Service

My Bro-Inlaw has the original Ring. Lately he’s had a lot of trouble with and called Ring’s CS.
He says they have great CS. First they sent him a Ring Chime at no charge. (The chime has a dedicated repeater built in.) He was still having problems so he called them last night and now they are send him a new bell at no charge. His was 10 months old.

Good for him, I went through 3 Rings, original, HD and Pro or whatever the 3 generations are called and they never worked. When I could actually get ahold of of Ring CS the reply was " Too bad, our stuff is perfect and if you don’t like it, return it to where you bought it "

That’s how I ended up with SkyBell HD and have never had a reason to contact CS, it has always " just worked" . Well except the motion sometimes detecting ghosts.

I hope I don’t have any problems.

Does anyone know anymore deals like this.

Mine did this morning, got the tracking number and everything.

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