Ring Doorbell Camera Preview Tiles (New feature)

Ring introduced camera preview tiles in their app. You should be prompted to enable it when you access the app. You can also find it in the app menu under New Features.

It provides a periodic still snapshot from the camera.

Maybe they’ll incorporate this feature into the ST integration.

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Android? Not available at this point with iOS as far as I can tell.

Ditto I don’t have it either on IOS. :thinking::thinking:

It is available but it is a slow roll out. I have it on both Android and iOS. Also you have video from Ring Doorbells in Smartthings Already.

As mentioned by @TylerDurden , you might have to enable the “new features” options in the menu.

Seems you have to go into new features to enable it. Odd place but was there for me.

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I have no new features option on my app, weird

I have it. I had to enable it in the New Features in the app.

my floodlight and spotlight generate the previews but my ring pro doesn’t

I only have a ring pro and I enabled it but I get no previews either

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same here with my ring pro

Interesting. My Ring Pro works but my floodlight does not.

I had to cut power for a few minutes to my floodlight and for my ring pro, i held the reset button for 10+ seconds until it restarted. once they came back online, the previews started updating.