New Ring Doorbell Timeline Feature

Ring Doorbell introduced a new feature at the beginning of the month that provides you a timeline widget when you view the camera feed. You no longer have to go back and forth from your event history page to see what happened earlier in another recording.

You will need to enable the feature in the Ring app by choosing New Features from the main menu and probably clicking NEXT to advance past the “Camera Previews” feature setting.

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I’m not able to get this feature on my Ring app, I’ve contacted ring and they’ve told me that it’s being rolled out to user. Another report has said it will be available to all user by the end of November, it’s December 13th already. I’m using the newest ring update and I’m on the newest iPhone version, 12.1 (I believe it is called). Can anyone shed light on how to get this feature working? Oh and I’ve tried deleting the app and restarting my phone then installing again.