Ring doorbell 2nd Gen

Is there any Device Handler to connect the Ring doorbell 2nd Gen. with Smartthings?


There isnā€™t one. Ring gets installed as a cloud service. Go to add device > By Brand > Ring > Doorbell

Yes but Doorbell 2nd Gen. isnā€™t supportedā€¦

Then thatā€™s a call to Ring to bug them until they do. In the new world order, these cloud integrations are provided by the vendor. Itā€™s up to them to support it or not.

and they are not. Ring sees themselves as a competitor to Smartthings now, rolling out their own ability to pair smart lighting and switches to Ring doorbells directly now.

Since they have stopped playing ball the only way to do this is make a routine with Alexa that will do what you want between the doorbell and ST devices.

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Yes I Hope the Ring developer code something for the Integrationā€¦

ring also now has a outside dual outlet plug they control thru the lighting module. so, they are becoming more and more a competitor to st.

Try setting it up as if youā€™re adding a Gen 1 or Pro. I no longer use Ring, but I did have a Gen 2 working in SmartThings. There was a required workaround.

You only can add an Ring Doorbell and not an specific Manufacturerā€¦

You are better off returning it & buying arlo. They have been actively working with smartthings to get their devices working. Can not say the same about ring & dont even bother calling them or posting in thier community forum many people have & ring either says they look at all request & will pass it on or they ignore the post.

The process/ integration may have changed a bit. I went through the app and acted like I was adding 1 now and there are no longer any options to choose. Thatā€™s unfortunate.

I would also recommend another brand in this case or a certified to work Ring modelā€¦if thatā€™s even available anymore.

I have the Ring already because I donā€™t know that the Gen. makes differentsā€¦

Iā€™ve had a second gen ring doorbell for years now, all integrated just fine, is it no longer supported if I remove it now?

Also, last I heard Ring/Smartthings were working together just fine, whereā€™s this ā€˜Ring see ST as a competitorā€™ come from? Has someone suggested this from Smartthings?

Make zero mistake - they are very much in direct competition. Ring is coming at it from the device side and using Amazon as the automation engine. But unlike Coca Cola v. Pepsi situation, its very common in tech for competitors to compete on one item and in the next building over collaborate on another.


No new or recent ring devices work on smartthings & again, the ring community forums give a standard answer or ignores the post. If you call ring support they will tell you it works & if you tell them no, they say its smartthings fault. The only way to respond in kind is buy arlo. They are actively working with smartthings. If you have rung products you are replacing, instead of selling them, mail them to jeff bozo & say thanks for nothing.

Yay Ring add Support for the Doorbell 2nd Genā€¦ Thanks Ring