Ring Door Sensor integrated into Smartthings

I have a Ring Door Sensor. I got it added to Smartthings Hub, but it shows inactive. Do I need a Device Handler for this? I’m ONLY using this with Smartthings not Ring Alarm I need to build a custom trigger… Long Story.

I just need it to work with Smartthings. I does show this in the Smartthings IDE:

  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_S2_FAILED

And under Type in IDE is shows:

Z-Wave Sensor.

Any help would be great.


Never mind I got it. I changed Type to Z-wave Plus Door/Window Sensor. Works perfect.

Edited… I had originally asked:

How did you get it connected to the hub in the first place?

But now I see that the sensor has QR. But, I’m betting I cannot add it that way (“Device is not discoverable”) because it’s already associated w/ the Ring base station, which wasn’t an issue for you.

So, I take it that a Z-Wave device cannot be associated with more than one hub/base at a time?


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Mostly correct. Each zwave device can only be included in one zwave network at a time. (Theoretically, a network can have more than one controller.)

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Thanks Tony… and only now do I see that there’s no official integration with Ring Alarm. So as long as the sensors, etc., are in cahoots with the Ring base I cannot use them to trigger anything ST. :pensive: There is a community integration I found that uses WebCore and a service one must run as a bridge between ST and Ring, but I bought Ring in hopes of avoid most of that.

Looks like my home security and my home automation will be separate, unless I return the Ring to Costco and get something else to work with ST.

Use Alexa as the middle thing to have Ring sensors control ST devices.

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Yep. As @Its2loud said, the Ring sensors work with Echo routines (not SmartThings routines) and SmartThings virtual devices work with Echo routines, so you can get partial integration that way. Ring sensor alerts, Alexa turns on a virtual ST Switch, you have other ST events react to that switch coming on. You can even create a virtual sensor as a proxy.

It’s easier than the method that requires new code, but it’s still limited.

The following FAQ is intended for the other direction (ST as the trigger), but it’s the same method.
FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

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You also can’t add it that way even if you aren’t using a Ring base station because SmartThings does not yet support zwave QR code onboarding. Only for some Samsung brand smart appliances.

Got Ring contact sensor working directly connected to ST hub. Just posted steps in Ring Contact Sensor Handler?

Have fun. Cheers!