Google Doorbell Battery

I just bought the Google Doorbell Battery and I couldn’t add it on my Samsung Fridge and Smartthings. Is there any plan to support this doorbell on Smartthings like Ring? Or should I just return the Google Doorbell Battery and get the Ring Doorbell Pro which is supported. Please do not suggest to get the older Nest Doorbell, I do not want to install the Nest app just to use that doorbell.

No one wants to use ten apps to do ten different things. Prefer to have one app that can do everything. Afterall that’s what ‘smart’ is.

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You would need to direct that question to Google as they own and maintain the integration to ST. It is their decision what devices get integrated. I assume at some point they will add their newer devices but only a guess on my part and could not say what timeline it would be.

Also, I should note that not all Ring products integrate with ST so investigate before purchasing.

You will still need an app from either Google or Ring to set up their products. No way to avoid multiple apps. :sunglasses:


What a bs answer. Google has no impact in the devices in the smartthings app. Samsung has to add the new communication method by Google used for the battery doorbell.

@samsung step up your game or people will start jailbreaking your tizen os to get the functionality they wish.

SmartThings published their API about 18 months ago. Since then they have made it very clear that it is up to the individual device manufacturers to create and maintain any integrations with SmartThings accounts. It has nothing to do with any individual communication methods for specific models, since other than Zigbee and zwave there is NO direct communications to SmartThings: all integrations are cloud to cloud coming in through the SmartThings API. (Also Nothing to do with Tizen, which isn’t even used by the SmartThings hub.)

That’s how integration with Ring, Arlo, and Google devices now work, and it is indeed now up to those companies to decide which specific models will expose which specific features through that API. Those companies do decide exactly which of their devices will appear in the ST app.

It didn’t used to work that way back in 2015 with the SmartThings Classic app, but it is how it works now with the new platform.


Totally wrong there. Like JD said, up to Google to do it or someone in the community to come up with a hacky integration themselves.

An integration exists in Home Assistant and it’s very advanced for setup, requires you setup a paid Google dev account, and takes a tremendous amount of reading to properly setup. It’s maintained by an HA community member. SmartThings won’t be taking those risks themselves, nor do they want to play support for it. I do not blame them!

Google/Nest doesn’t play well with others and won’t likely bridge to SmartThings without a giant outcry of integration requests to them. You want that type of integration, you beg Google or look at the “go it your own” approach.

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it still struggle to see why Samsung thinks that their own platform (smartthings) is better than just using Google Home as an example.
Smartthings is missing so many connections to third party providers by doing so.

In the end perhaps i was foolish to buy everything from samsung with a screen (TVs/Fridge).
an google/chromecast tv is so much easier to use and better integrated with an android mobile phone.

Now stating that others should adjust to the samsung platform is even more weak as Samsung is a appliance supplier and not a software creator. Stick to what you do best and leave the rest to others

Looks like there is no traction on this at all. None of the manufacturers are ‘playing nice’ with each other for the benefit of the consumers. Samsung never updated the list of supported devices. Google decided to confuse the hell out of their consumers by reusing names and blocking api access etc. Amazon did the same.

All I want is a doorbell and a couple of outdoor cameras that work seemlesssly with SmartThings without having to use another hub. I want video feed from the doorbell and cameras on my Samsung family hub refrigerator and I want to get notified and see the video on my Samsung tv. How hard is that? It’s not a tall order.

Now they are all talking about ‘matter’ and how it will ensure that all devices will somehow talk to each other and seemlesssly integrate into the ecosystem. Don’t know why I find it hard to believe.


Google home app
Click on profile picture.(top right)
Home app settings
Partner connections
Select smart things.
Toggle on all available cameras

Hope this helps