Google Doorbell Battery

I just bought the Google Doorbell Battery and I couldn’t add it on my Samsung Fridge and Smartthings. Is there any plan to support this doorbell on Smartthings like Ring? Or should I just return the Google Doorbell Battery and get the Ring Doorbell Pro which is supported. Please do not suggest to get the older Nest Doorbell, I do not want to install the Nest app just to use that doorbell.

No one wants to use ten apps to do ten different things. Prefer to have one app that can do everything. Afterall that’s what ‘smart’ is.

You would need to direct that question to Google as they own and maintain the integration to ST. It is their decision what devices get integrated. I assume at some point they will add their newer devices but only a guess on my part and could not say what timeline it would be.

Also, I should note that not all Ring products integrate with ST so investigate before purchasing.

You will still need an app from either Google or Ring to set up their products. No way to avoid multiple apps. :sunglasses: