Ring Alarm - Will its Z-Wave Interfere with ST’s?

Simple question: Will the Z-Wave connection of the panel and sensors for the Ring system interfere and cause issues on the Ring or ST side of things? ST works great for basic lighting automation, but I’d like to use Ring for actual security detection / monitoring.

I did some searches and didn’t find anything. Finally have my setup stable right now on ST… Not wanting to introduce something new if it will just cause problems. Thanks!

Not likely as long as you have the hubs at least 3 m apart. I’ve run as many as five different Z wave networks in my 1800 square-foot home, no problem. That includes a smartthings hub V2, a wink hub, and a ring base station. People do have Z wave set ups in apartment buildings and even some hotels without problems. ( and quite a few people have both a smartthings hub and a hubitat hub in the same home.)

The main thing to be careful of is if you are excluding devices from one hub you don’t want to be actuating devices on the other network or they might accept the exclude command. But other than that it’s not usually an issue. :sunglasses: