RGBW downlight with wall controller recommendations

I’m just getting into the home automation game and have been replacing all the wall switches with Lutron Caseta. I got to my sons room and he says he would like RGB downlights if possible to go with his RGB LED strips and an RGB PC. I do not yet have an ST hub. (I looked at doing this with a Caseta Bridge Pro + Pico but don’t want to go down the node.js path). Ease of implementation is important, I do tech for a living and don’t want to spend a ton of time at home doing programming/customization.

He currently has 4 x 7" downlights in his ceiling. I’m looking for something that can do the following:

  • RGB wall controller that fits in single or double standard wall switch gang box
  • Alexa control
  • iphone/ipad control
  • strobe/light show effects
  • possibly sync to music (optional)

Any recommendations or additional things to think about appreciated.

Been googling since posting and I’m thinking
Gledopto 6" RGBW downlight
Socket adapter
Smartthings v3 hub
Not sure about a wall controller. Seen conflicting info as to whether the RGBgenie switch will work or not with this setup