RGBW Bulb Turn on with new color

I have an Osram Lightify A19 RGBW.

I’m using it to indicate when my kids can get out of bed and when they can be done with their rest time. In the morning, I want to have a pale green light. In the afternoon, make it be a brighter orange (so it’s more noticeable).

The issue I’m having is that I can’t set the hue/saturation value without having the bulb turn on to the previous color and brightness. So if I have a bright orange in the afternoon, in the morning, it’s going to turn on with a big flash of bright orange and then it goes to green. And the level may not actually go to what I set if it’s changing dramatically (e.g. if it was previously 100 and I set it to 1, it may end up being ~40).

Also, is there anyway I can stop it from turning on when losing power? I’d hate to have a storm that causes the power to glitch that will leave the light on 100%.