OSRAM LED rgbw A19 loses color setting when power cycled

I have some OSRAM 73703 Lightify Led Rgbw A19 bulbs and while they do work but when power cycled they lose what ever color or dimming setting you set on the app.

These are on a conventional light switch is this a problem?

The smartthings support suggested I try some questions here first. I have tried this setup with 2 of the OSRAM selections available and also as a Hue Zigby LED bulb.

I do not have any kind of bridge just the Smartthings Hub, and I would prefer to keep it this way if possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


This also occurs with Philips Hue bulbs (and I would guess any other color bulb).

When they lose power, they lose the settings they had.

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Yes, it’s expected behavior. Where I use smartbulbs of any brand as overhead lights I’ve hard wired them and only use automation or soft switches to trigger. Probably not up to code because I believe you are required to have a switch but it works well for me.

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Thanks for the reply. So your saying if I remove the power to the light itself its going to have to be reset with the app no matter what brand?

While I am just trying the lights out I was not intending on upgrading the switch from normal on off to a Zwave



Do you only ever want them to be a certain specific color or are you wanting them to be one of maybe 3 or 4 different colors depending on mood, weather, etc?

If it’s 1 color only, you could tie these bulbs to virtual switches and use Rule Machine.

Set up a rule like this: trigger Bulb 1 switches on, condition Virtual Switch is on, set color of these bulbs

The light will come on white, but quickly change to the other color.

If you are wanting multiple colors, you could still do this, you would just need to add additional rules to determine which virtual switch is on and which color it sets the bulb.

This type of behavior does not occur with lifx bulbs. They recall their settings if they are turned off at the switch.

FYI, I use Rule Machine to set the color of the RGBW strips when certain events are triggered. Also, I use it for setting a color. It turns any other color off when a different color is selected.

Guys thanks for the replies.

I will have to check out the rule machine. Is this something that I can integrate into the hub or is this a separate app?