OSRAM Lightify RGBW Integration

Hello, I have a single OSRAM lightify RGBW A19 bulb outside the side door of my garage. The light is set via the smarthings smart lighting app to come on/off at dusk/dawn. I am able to manually change the color with smartthings manually, however, it resets to white after the light goes off at dawn. i.e. It is soft white when it turns on at dusk. Is there a way to have a dusk/dawn light with color?

The OSRAM bulbs remain the same color after turning them on or off (by SmartThings commands). For the bulb to be resetting to soft white you must be actually turning off the power to the bulb (smart bulbs should always be powered on) or are changing the color in the Smart Lighting SmartApp. I’m guessing the former.

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As previously stated, keep power constant to the bulb. I use the Smart Lighting smartapp to schedule all of my Osram lights to turn on and set color at set times. Very easy.

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Thanks, there is constant power to the bulb and I’m not changing color manually unless it doesn’t change. I’ll relook my setup and perhaps add the Osram light as a single bulb instead of a group one to see if that makes a difference.