Best Device Type for Sylvania OSRAM Lightify RGBW Devices?

I’m looking for basic RGBW controls. The single most important feature for me is being able to specify pure colors digitally (e.g. “RED” that is really #FF0000 that I can select with a button or by code, as opposed to an analog slider).

Best case I can use a Github integration so it is easy to update, however, that’s just a nice to have.

This is the one I use for my OSRAM flex strips. It has a nice color loop feature.

ha… that’s actually what I just installed… is there a UI for the color loop function? The UI looks like the stock DTH plus an added “set default” button.

Unfortunately I still have the same crappy analog color pallet and I can’t figure out how to get true RED. Any ideas?

I don’t know about getting to red, but for your color loop you should be able to change it from your “thing”

I have lights on the back of my TV and also in my kitchen which i use the color loop function for. Rotates through the colors slowly between sunset and 10:30, then turns off.

oh… my device doesn’t look anything like yours… I suspect something isn’t right on my end

I figured it out. I was using the wrong DTH. I found one in post 52 instead of the one up in the original thread post. Now I have it!

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If you use web core, I don’t know if you do or not, there are commands such as loop on and loop off that you can select from when making a piston. All of the selectable commands in the DTH are programmable in web core as well. For instance, I have a light that turns on bright white with motion, then turns off after it’s been three minutes of no motion during the day. But if that same light doesn’t see motion And it’s after sunset, it doesn’t actually turn off but it just sets to 20% brightness with a slow loop.

That light is a flex strip that turns bright white under my cabinets in the kitchen.

So I’m curious how well that works for you. I’m on CoRE but having a ton of problems and I don’t have many pistons so I’m going to try webCore and see how that goes. One issue is that I haven’t found an elegant solution for getting RGBW bulbs (ones that are driven by regular dumb light switches) to have special colors at certain times of day. Specifically, I have two issues that I’d like to know your take on:

  1. The bulb needs to be on in order for the color change to stick… Let’s say I want “incandescent” color during daytime and pure red (FF0000) from 10:30pm through to Sunrise (which is my real use case). I’ve thought about maybe turning the bulb on to 5% for a minute at 10:30pm, modifying the color, then putting it back to whatever state it was in before… but that doesn’t work if the dumb switch is off.
  2. The color change seems to be suuuuuper delayed. Said another way, it is not possible to bring the bulb into luminance (turn on) in anything other than “the previous color.” I wish there was a way to have the bulb circuitry active so I can modify the color but at 0% illumination, so that I could force it to fade in at some new color regardless of the previous state.

In order to do color changes, the bulb needs power, you’re right. Can’t you leave the dumb switch on and just use the app to turn it on and off? Or activate it via motion sensor?

I’m basically looking for a stop-gap solution until I buy a smart switch. The bulb hardware clearly has the capability to be active but produce zero illumination, so I guess I was just hoping we’d figured out a way to make that happen via a DTH. Leaving the switch on all the time, motion triggers, or removing the switch from the wiring altogether are not acceptable solutions given the way my family uses that room. This isn’t really a big deal - I take it as a challenge for my switch to webcore!

Agree … that little Zigbee radio needs to receive power somehow.

2 Questions:

1.) The color loop never works for me the first time, but if I turn it off and then on again it works great. Any ideas? This is on a standard Osram A19 RGBW bulb with firmware 0x01020492

2.) Does anybody know if this works with a ColorfulLightGroup in Trendsetter? I suppose I could just test it, but if anybody has any experience I would love to hear it.

I noticed that issue with color loop as well. I easily fixed it with Webcore.

Wait 15 seconds

Just to be sure the command was sent

It’s weird, the first time it turns like some weird orange but just sticks there. Second time, perfect.