RGBgenie - ZigBee 3.0 RGBW Controller - v2 & v3 Hub dont see it?

So although I have some analog RGB lights working using ST_Anything I was also looking at more of a packaged (UL listed, etc) solution. I found these on eBay but they listed as “Not SmartThings Compatible”. From their description:

WORKS WITH – Philips Hue Bridge, Google Home, Amazon Echo Plus, RGBgenie touch panels ZB-3007, ZB-3008, ZB-3009 and ZB-3010 and RGBgenie hand-held remote ZB-5001. Does not work with Smartthings.

I found that odd so I contacted the seller and asked if I could get a unit for testing. They sent me a ZigBee 3.0 models (they also have a Z-Wave model). I tried to add it to both a v2 and a v3 hub but in both case it doesn’t even see the device. They then got another one, added to a Vera hub, verified it worked, and mailed me that one. Same thing…doesn’t even see it (and I factory reset it so it wasn’t tied to the Vera hub). Looking at live logging just shows the discovery counting up with 0 new devices found.

These are ZigBee 3.0. Shouldn’t they at least be found by the hub and brought in as a “thing” if they don’t match a DTH? I had them give me all the registers for the ZigBee device and its almost identical to any RGBW light bulb so I would think I could switch the DTH to one of them but I can’t even get it added in.

Any ideas?

It might need touchlink commissioning, which the smartthings hub does not do.

The zigbee 3.0 standard allows for lighting devices which require touchlink commissioning, even though 3.0 coordinators do not have to provide it.

So where do I go from here? Contact SmartThings support and see what they say? I would think if they are touting the new v3 hub as being ZigBee 3.0 compliant that this should work, no? (Yes I know the 3.0 update wasn’t released yet but still),

Again, not necessarily – – you can be zigbee 3.0 compliant without supporting touchlink commissioning.


Do you have a hue bridge? See if you can add it to that and it might be available that way.


The manufacture and I have been going back and forth trying to figure it out. They said it added to a Echo Plus instantly without any issues. It took voice commands (Alexa set RGB to red, etc) and worked great. Said they also added it to a Hue bridge just as easily without any issues so I would assume if I got one it would work. But don’t want to add a $60 device just for testing.

They have a Z-Wave version that they are going to test out and see if they can get that added in…maybe a little more luck with that.

EDIT: Also another weird part. The RGB controller will blink the leds 6 times when it thinks its being paired. It does this about 10 seconds after I start discovery on the hub but the hub never sees it. So something is happening. Gonna try to manually add it as a hue bulb or even a generic RGB bulb tonight and see if that works.

SECOND EDIT: The base manufacture is a Chinese company called Sunricher and apparently they make other devices which people have gotten to work with SmartThings.

@vseven, my guess is the hub’s discovery process is timing out because the device isn’t responding to one of the messages we send it. If you can PM me your account email address I can take a look and let you know for sure.


ive just bought a zigbee 3 compliated outlet socket, will this work on a v2 hub in the uk or have i wasted my money?

@vseven and @tpmanley: Were you ever able to proceed with this?
I’m looking at picking up some RGBGenie stuff in the near future, and would be curious about the results you’ve had getting them tied into ST without a Hue hub.

All of their Z-Wave stuff that I’ve tried has worked good. The ZigBee stuff works with the latest beta firmware and the RGBW controller works with the default ZLL RGBW Bulb DTH without anything custom. Well, It suffers the same issue any rgbw controller does using a rgbw bulb profile in that it will show you color temperature but doesn’t actually support color temperature. The color temperature slider does control the white channel inversely so I guess that’s something (2700k is full on, 6500k is off so it’s backward but works).


I am not certain this is new, but I recently noticed this on the amazon page for the RGBGenie ZB-5001:

ZIGBEE 3.0 – The latest protocol makes this Zigbee remote both ZLL and ZHA compatible. When added to your Hue Bridge, this remote can directly control up to 30 Hue bulbs or Hue light strips by using the ZLL touch link profile. Or control any device or smart lights you want when using the ZHA profile in a Zigbee compatible gateway

I purchased one in hopes I might replace my Aeotec Minimotes with RGBGenie zigbee remotes (I have a zwave indigestion) but I can’t find a DTH that works. Also, who know what will happen once the traditional DTHs go away… will I be left with bricks?

Has anyone figured out how to use these remotes? The founder of RGBGenie had mentioned to me a new firmware was about to be released allowing use in ST, so I wonder whether this is it even though I can’t get it to work. Yes - I reached out to him via email but have not heard back yet.

Hello, was looking at this remote…any developments on ST use? Or any experience using it with HUE?

love to know. Need 3 of these for the BR30s in our rooms