Jung zigbee remote with Smartthings?

Has anyone tried to connect the jung zigbee remote to smartthings?


Very nice looking Devices!

Those are Zigbee 3.0 “color scene controllers.”

Unfortunately, at the present time that device class does not work with smartthings, although it may in the future when they add more zigbee 3.0 support. It’s the same issue as with similar devices from sunricher and RGBGenie.

See the manufacturer response in the question section for the following product:

The ones you were looking at might work with the Phillips hue bridge, which does have zigbee 3.0 support. If so, you could then use the switches as a parallel means of control through the Hue Bridge even though SmartThings was not aware of them. Of course, they would then be limited to only controlling smart bulbs which were connected to that hue bridge. So I don’t know if that would fit your purpose.


Yes I though of that, but I’d like the switch to control a few nano dimmers as well.
Hopefully, it will work in the future.

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