RGB outdoor flood light

I’m looking for a RGB flood light(s) that can hook up to smart things and be controlled by something like on switch or any of the other holiday type apps. I see that hue has the lily, but I’m not sure those will be bright enough? Looking to use them for halloween\christmas type themes. Thanks!

Not quite what you were asking, but I’ll put in a word for good old RGBW tape! IP-rated tape is cheap as chips on eBay or Amazon. If you’re looking for a permanent installation it’s arguably not as good, but for seasonal installations it’s ideal - cheap, flexible, adhesive-backed so you can just stick it up… and because it’s 12 volts, I run it right off a car battery so I can put it wherever I want - down the end of the garden or whatever. I use the Fibaro RGBW controller to drive it but there’s lots of options.

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