Outdoor LED Colour Flood light (UK)

Long shot this one! Not necessarily a question for ST, it might be one for Hue but I get he impression you guys are the fastest route to an idea!

I’ve got a solution for outside LED lighting. One of these:

Combined with some these:

Gives me 5m of controllable RGBW LED lighting for the grand total of circa 70 quid. They work well with no coding (requires a Hue bridge) and in my opinion look awesome. It took me 10 minutes to pair the controller with the hue bridge and then I had them in ST changing the colour. The LED strip above will give you full RGBW.

If you want them outside you’ll have to put the controller in a waterproof case (unless you put the controller inside and just extend the 12/24V supply). If you want to extend them beyond 5m you can connect multiple LED strips (just get the right PSU or use a booster).

My next requirement is an LED flood light. Think architectural up lighting and you’re on the right path! I also want to do this as cheaply as above. So here’s the question (finally):

Does anyone have a solution to that would allow me to use something like this:

With ST?

My basic requirement is an LED flood light that is controllable by either HUE or ST.

Thanks all.

Did you ever find an architectural RGB upright?

There’s a couple of options although kids and work are getting in the way of me sorting it out!

Here’s a couple options I found on my travels:

From a control perspective you can use Fiabro, SmartLife to control the RGB stuff. SmartLife are cheap but the Fibaro gear is quality (IMO).

You’ll need a decent power supply if you plan on putting a decent load on the unit. Check specs.

For lights I have a couple of thoughts:

  1. Could be expensive: Search for “led wall wash Rgb” this will you give you results for pre-constructed wall wash units that you can connect to the above controllers.

  2. Build your own. See: http://www.bigclive.com/flud.htm I’ve built a couple of these but I’m yet to house them. Good fun and very cheap.

Whatever you do make you sure you understand the type of LED (affects brightness), the specification of the controller and its output capability and make sure your power supply can drove them.

If you get anywhere post back please.