RF remote device integration?

I’m looking for ideas on how to possibly integrate some older rf remote controlled LED strips and an electric fireplace that also uses rf (I think). I would like to eventually be able to add them into scenes in my Logitech harmony. I was looking around and it sounds like the BroadLink RM Pro might work but I would like a more expert opinion

The first thing we need is the exact brand and model for each device. And specifically what protocol is using to communicate. “RF” can mean any of many Radio frequency protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, zigbee, Z wave, Lutron Clear Connect, 433 MHz, etc. there are lots of them, none of which can talk to the others.

If by chance, it’s an IR (infrared) remote, not an RF remote, that’s a different issue.


This is the fireplace I am trying to control https://bit.ly/2HsX1z3
and the led strips are https://amzn.to/2S8Tg5U

Neither of those links have the model number. You may just have to go over and look at the physical device to find it.

I’ll have to check when I get home but here is the part number for the fireplace remote BH15-084-899-11-RC6B and the insert itself BH15-084-899-11-CH if that helps. I realized for the strips I was making it too had on myself and it would be easier just to use a smartthings outlet

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Still can’t tell. If you take the remote into another room so it is not line of sight to the fireplace, does the remote still work? If not, it’s probably IR, not RF, and then the harmony might be able to work with it.

If it does work, look on the remote itself for an FCC label. It might be inside the battery compartment. It will be an FCC license number on the label if it’s an RF remote