Connecting RF-controlled fireplace to ST

(Simon) #1

Is there any way to connect a fireplace controlled by an RF remote to the ST hub? Is there anything like a learning RF blaster that can learn the RF commands from the existing RF remote and then take commands from the ST hub? I’m thinking this isn’t possible since my fireplace isn’t Z-Wave or anything like that and probably runs on a fruity frequency independent from anything else, including ST.


(Amauri Viguera) #2

I’m sure there are some implementations of Arduino + RF out there, and you can probably hook that up to ST via the shield?

(Mike Maxwell) #3

Would be way easier to bypass the whole RF remote and hook up a dry contact device of your choice directly into the fireplace controller.

(Simon) #4

Thanks guys. I’ve never looked into the Arduino thing but it’s good to know I might be able to make it work.

Mike - my RF remote controls a load of things on the fireplace inc flame height, blower strength, backlight as well as thermostatic temperature. Not sure how all of that be controllable somehow from a dry contact device?


(Mike Maxwell) #5

ah, yea, no probably not. Probably work via an Arduino, presuming the schematic for the fireplace is decryptable…

(Simon) #6

Ah no worries. The Arduino might be a step too far for my patience and gadgetry skills, but I’ll look into it.

(Cody Truscott) #7

Check my post history for a detailed discussion of this matter. Hopefully you have a different fireplace than the one involved in that thread, but it will give you the right questions to ask yourself and avenues to explore.