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At the end of 2020 it felt like Samsung was slowly killing ST. So I jumped ship and migrated most stuff to Hubitat.

Looking around now, it seems I was wrong. Samsung appear to be committed long term to ST.

So I’m tempted to come back. Hubitat is OK, but I miss the polish of ST and can’t get motion activated stuff to work reliably on Hubitat.

So here’s my question… I still have the old hub running with a few devices still on it that I didn’t move over. Should I:

A) add devices back to existing hub with current config.
B) reset current hub and add all devices
C) get the latest hardware and set up on there.

Does it make any difference which route I go?

Thanks in advance.

You may want to wait till next year when the dust settles on the driver migration and the shutdown of the Groovy IDE.


Just curious, which version of the ST hub do you have?

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I would not recommend going all-in. but instead, slowly research the drivers and features available.

there are too many things that got broken especially last month when the “smooth” transition from DTH to Edge was supposed to happen.

We have several Matter drivers. no one knows if they work, since there are no devices on the market. Anyway, it’s a good sign as it’s a long-term investment in the platform.

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Welcome back!

A) If you have any groovy smart apps still installed, you will need to start removing those as groovy will cease by the end of this year. Some of the popular custom smart apps such as WebCoRE, the old MyQ, and others will cease so be sure to check for their alternative solutions with the new platform. You can add your devices but be aware there is a migration from groovy Device handlers to Edge Drivers so there may be a slight learning curve involved.
B) There is no need to reset your hub since you still have some devices connected.
c) There is no need to get a newer hub if you are using the v2 unless you want Thread.

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