Do I stay or have to go?

Been a ST user since wink died but now need to know am I going to lose all 20 of i items. I run only about 12 zigbee lights, 2 zwave lites, 3 zigbee door sensors, 1 zigbee motion detector, 1 TAPT switch, 2 zigbee repeaters. is the groovy upgrade gonna screw me over or will things just stay happy? Not a fanboy of any system so please speak your mind right now there’s only a few ways to go if I have to leave ST… I do have alexa and a harmony hub to throw in the mix and the wife approval facter always comes into play

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I you are not using any SmartApps or webcore you should survive.

SmartLighting is one SmartApp that will transition.

If you are using stock DTHs everything should transition.

If you have custom DTH installed in the IDE you could have some issues to deal with. If you have custom DTHs look for a stock DTH that works even if you loss some functionally. This should help the automatic transition. Then you can look for a better Edge driver after the transition.

What have you done to investigate which if any of your items are supported? Specifically by checking to see if there are Edge drivers already built or being worked on? If you share the model of one of your items I will do that search for you.

For example I have right around QTY 15 Aqara sensors which were previously leveraging a groovy DTH but now are registered without issue via an Edge driver.

Also its isn’t necessarily a Groovy upgrade as much as it is a new approach which I am looking forward to even though I am a bit hamstrung on getting the QTY 37 Govee lights I previously was running via a DTH ready for Edge.

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As others have said, you basically have two choices. Just wait and see what automatically transfers and then work on whatever broke.

Or start now and go through each device one by one to see what the probable impact will be.

There are quite a few community created edge drivers already, and you can try those now if you want to. There’s even one for Harmony. :sunglasses:

You can find these by looking on the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki. For example, the one for Harmony is on the AV list.

There’s also a table in the community wiki where you can look devices up by model. But it’s brand new and there’s a lot of stuff missing yet. So if you don’t see a model there it doesn’t mean there isn’t an edge Driver, it probably just means no one has created the table entry for it yet.

Alexa will work but with one big issue: if you have any multi component devices, only the primary device will be exposed to the voice assistants, which is annoying. :rage: ST has been aware of this issue for over a year and they haven’t fixed it yet, so I wouldn’t hold my breath.


There is a workaround, which is to create a virtual device for each component, use routines to sync everything up, and then turn the virtual devices on and off with Alexa. It works, but it’s extra work to set up and feels like it should be something the official features are already doing. ( there is a quick browse list in the wiki for virtual devices, there are several offerings already.)

If your device is no longer supported by its manufacturer, like the TAPT switch, then it will not be automatically migrated. That’s just a decision that smartthings has made. So you will definitely have to do some research on those, but you are to be able to get at least basic on/off functionality.

So… It’s up to you whether you want to be proactive or just wait and see what happens. Definitely some things are going to break, but you’re just going to have to research them one at a time to see what the solution is. :thinking:

Two exceptions to this.

  1. if a device joins as a “thing“ and then you manually changed it to a stock DTH using the IDE, it will not automatically transition.

  2. if a device is no longer supported by its manufacturer, SmartThings has made the decision not to automatically transition it, even if it was working fine before and it would continue to work fine with a stock edge driver.

There are also devices that have not been supported for some time by their manufacturers on the legacy platform for various reasons (out of business, etc.). These devices will not transition or be supported on the new platform.

There’s an official list of devices that will not transition, but there may be more than are listed.

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the only custom thing I have had to use was for an old ge/quirky tapt switch but even that is just used for on/off functionality. (it was a leftover from wink and I just added it to ST and it paired and works as needed. just shows as a zigbee switch.