Hubitat - is it time to migrate?

I have been using SmartThings for ages now and frankly instead of getting better its getting worse. 1st. was this Classic to Samsung app and most of my automation stopped working. I do NOT want webcore. Period. Then now something about grandfathered smart app is fine but nada to new. Its getting frustrating and many are telling me to jump ship to Hubitat. Just wondering - thoughts?

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Every system has pluses and minuses, the trick is to find the one that works best for you. Some people have left smartthings and gone to Hubitat, some have come back again, some started with Hubitat and came over to smartthings, some run both. And of course others have gone on to completely different systems. You can find a lot of discussion in the “other hubs” section of the forum, but there’s no one right answer.

You mentioned not wanting webcore: it will be going away anyway once smartthings stops hosting the groovy cloud. But a lot of what is done in Hubitat is very much like webcore. The app is pretty bare-bones and setting up rules will feel more like programming than it does in smartthings. So if that’s the part you didn’t like about webcore, you may also be dissatisfied with Hubitat at this point.

OTOH, Hubitat runs everything local, you get to decide when you want to update, it’s running on a series 700 Z wave chip, and it has a much better Lutron Integration. So again, each system has its own pluses and minuses. It just depends on what you specifically need.


i agree with @JDRoberts. those that have jumped ship and gone to hubitat quickly find out that its not perfect either. some even sneak back very quietly.

I think edge drivers and matter support will make SmartThings more attractive than hubitat in the long term, because hubitat currently has no plans to support matter, but we won’t really experience the full benefits of these until 2022.


Not many… :wink:


There are quite a few, very powerful native Apps in Hubitat that have greatly simplified the creation of Hubitat ‘automations’. For example:

  1. Basic Rules
  2. Button Controllers
  3. Mode Manager
  4. Motion and Mode Lighting Apps
  5. Notifications
  6. Simple Automation Rules
  7. Thermostat Scheduler
  8. Zone Motion Controllers
  9. Lock Code Manager
  10. etc…

Rule Machine is only needed when those apps are not sufficient for very complicated logic, logic that the ST Automations also would never be able to handle. I agree with you that configuring a Rule Machine ‘Rule’ is definitely more like programming to some extent but still simpler than writing a custom Groovy app for most users. However, with the other tools that Hubitat bundles and supports with the hub, there are lots of simpler, easier to use options for most users’ needs.

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I am currently playing with one and finding it truly great, making me feel as if I am going back to the old SmartThings days!! Good level of flexibility.


I run both, but prefer ST for many reasons. I find HE much more frustrating.


It’s not for everyone. That’s why it is nice to have options! :wink:


a decent amount

Any data to back up this claim? :wink:

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please dont troll.

2 is not a decent amount. For me, 200 would be significant.

wayyy more then just 2. snap

I think the question is more about how many have left vs left and come back. I bet the number isn’t as high as you think. That number could be in the hundreds but how many people ditched Smartthings because of the hardware that was deactivated in the last few months. I bet it is more then a few thousand.

I left when they decided to kill my perfectly good hardware because they could and didn’twant to support it. Frankly i am doing things now i couldn’t do with Smartthings. The power of Rule Machine must not be understated and Smartthings is making it harder to do things outside of their very regulated approved methods.

I for one have no desire to come back other then to use Smartthings as a cloud aggregator. WIFI devices is a week point with Hubitat. I don’t miss the regularly announced issues Smartthings experiences. Normally if there is a problem with my setup i triggered it.

Hubitat has come a long way with its integrated apps that blow Smartthings integrated apps out of the water now. But it isn’t for everyone. It can still be intimidating once you look at rule machine. With more options cone more complexity and that simply isn’t for everyone. The ui could use some major improvements as well, but with that said though it is completely functional.


WHAT??? WebCore is awesome… is this really going to happen?

it is going to happen. You should start planning a path away from webcore to Automations/Scenes and/or Rules API.

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Ugggh! I have over a hundred Pistons that work perfectly. Unless I’m missing something, nothing in ST can come close to the complex automations. What are others planning to do?

Some have moved to Hubitat because of this issue with Webcore. It runs locally on Hubitat i believe.

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Some have been converting their webCoRE Pistons to ST Automations/Scenes. Others, who really love webCoRE have moved to Hubitat, which supports running webCoRE locally on the hub. The configuration is still done via a web server, of course.