RetroTouch Smart light Switch uk backbox compatible

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to the forum and to the Smartthings Hub !

I’ve been reading many posts tough in regards of a smart light switches compatible with the Uk backbox design and the neutral wire missing, and I’ve seen that no one has mentioned before the RetroTouch Crystal Iotty Wifi Smart switch.

My doubt is the following, Could I install a wifi smart switch with a zwave/ zigbee dimmer relay module behind the switch?

I’m having this trouble because I can’t find a Uk size compatible smart dimmable light switch all built in one piece of hardware.
I’m afraid that by using switch + dimmer module( like fibaro), I would I have to control the dimming part only from an app and then the normal switching function from the switch itself or the switch’s app.

Also the brand itself is offering this solution but is too expensive, the switch on is own costs 69£ but with the dimming module is 159£! :flushed:
Here the link of the product

I would like to hear your comments and thoughts on this one.

I may have to buy like 6/7 of them so before spending this kind of money I’d like to be sure that I’m doing the right thing!

Many thanks to all the community and to those willing to help, is really appreciated :relaxed:

Mixing two radio devices would be very complicated, and very expensive, although I suppose you could if you wanted to.

Why not just use the Aurora AOne switch?

FAQ: Light switch no neutral (UK) (2019)

Thanks for your answer @JDRoberts!

I’ve seen how helpful you always are to this community and I appreciate that a lot!

In regards of the aurora, I don’t like the Look of it, is pretty basic :sweat_smile:

Did you mean to use the aurora as a switch to control an in-wall or in-line dimmer?