Lost all Piston with the Update

I updated my Webcore today, All Smart App to the new version.

In DashBoard, I lost ALL my piston…
Automatic Backup was enabled on each Piston…

When I go to add piston, from Backup, it’s asking me to Upload a File…
I dont’h have Any file…

How can I restore all my piston, I have too much time in programmation in webcore for losting everything…

Can I contact Them ?

Can I roll back to the previus version ?

Please… I need help …
Thanks a lot !

When you login to https://account.smartthings.com and go to Locations > SmartApps - do you see all your pistons listed (scroll down through the list)?

I see all PISTON !! There a Update Button at the end,
How can I restore them ?

Go to Smartapps in IDE and make sure all the webcore Smartapps are saved and published.

They Are all saved and Published

Ok, go to your ST Classic app, go to Automation > SmartApps > your instance of webcore > settings > select cleanup and rebuild data cache. Go back to your dashboard in your browser and perform a hard reload of the page

It tryaing to recovery in the bad Webcore… the 2 in the bottom are empty

I don’t understand

Now I have only One webcore in my Classic apps, and 1 in the SmartApps

Success! Data cache has been cleaned up and rebuild.

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Are you able to access your pistons again?

And yes, you have a bunch of webcore installs going on

Nop… I open a New DashBoard

All empty Webcore have been removed now

My places and Categories still there…

Go to the webcore forum and post there. Get one of the webcore minions to guide you through resolving this issue.

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In the upper left corner of your dashboard, click on that pull-down menu and see if other instances show there


I recommend getting help from the webcore minions on their community forum. The good news, your pistons are still there since you saw them in IDE

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Hope it will be possible to restore them…
Thanks for your Help !