Changing ZWave Parameters

I need to modify the parameters of several of my zwave devices. I know that ST doesn’t have a native function (or not one I know of to do this) and historically everyone pointed at @zcapr17 (codersaur) zwave tweaker code, but it seems unmaintained and when I tried quickly to create from code the dashboard showed several errors (I try very hard, I didn’t have time to debug them, it may be obvious)

Is there a new/better way to change zwave parameters I have missed

As a secondary question how do people do OTA updates in their networks, do most people have secondary zwave sticks on laptops to do it?


Tweaker and a z stick is indeed the best way to go for now.

The latest firmware for the hubs added support for ZWave firmware updates but nobody knows what firmware will be delivered yet.

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Do you mean the IDE showed the errors (not the dashboard)? Perhaps you tried to create from code for a Smartapp instead of Device Handlers?

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As long as it’s a mains powered zwave device (not battery powered), The Tweaker is still the way to go. See the following recent discussion:

Parameter changes in general and specifically Everspring HSP02

And as @Automated_House mentioned, The most common reason for error messages in the IDE is that you pasted in code for a DTH into the smartapp section or vice a versa. The Tweaker is a DTH, not a smartapp.

Feel a bit stupid, didn’t look very hard and assumed there was a DTH and a Smartapp and took the tweaker groovy assuming it was the smartapp. That didn’t work straight off (was over Xmas so didn’t have a chance to play) and assumed it didn’t work any more…oops

Re the OTA updates I was looking at the latest beta thread after a note from @JDRoberts in another conversation - anyone on the beta version that is meant to have the OTA updates enabled?

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Not much to see - It works just like thier zigbee OTA implementation, if you have a device that can be upgraded, it will be if you have the checkbox to upgrade devices enabled.

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No worries @zuzzy, I kind of figured that was the case when I saw your post. Glad you got that figured out.

I’m also on the beta, but pretty much all my devices are zigbee. The OTA updates for zwave are very limited and I haven’t seen more details about it either. If you have a firmware update for a device, you’ll need something else other than ST to do it. Even once ST has that capability, it probably won’t be like a utility you can use at will for any device. I suspect it will be done the same way they handle zigbee firmware updates. They push them, not the user.

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@nathancu I guess the question is whether WWST means it gets included for OTA maintenance or just select friends like aeotec…it would be nice to know wouldn’t it!

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