Lag caused by September 2016 Hub Update

Seems that ever since the September 2015 hub update, there is a significant lag in sensor triggered actions (e.g. turn lights on when walking into a room). The lag I’m experiencing is 3-5 seconds typically.

Is anyone else experiencing this after the latest software update?
So far I’ve tried rebooting my hub, but there’s been no change.

Used to be very minimal lag prior to the udpate.

If there are Hue bulbs involved, there’s a known issue that engineering is looking into:

Thanks for the heads up. It is with Hue bulbs.

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I’m experiencing a significant lag for push/text messages (new with the last update).

When I trigger an action using Smart Lighting, it typically takes between 2-4 seconds to initiate. There was always a delay, but it seems to be getting worse.

More users reporting slow performance as well: Delay loading IDE and App responce lag

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Some customers are providing feedback that things are better while others are reporting things are worse. Trying to identify trends (other than Hue) so we can better troubleshoot

Aron I hate to say this, but the IDE is so slow I can leave the room and come back in 4 or 5 minutes ands it still hasn’t loaded. I don’t have this lag on any other site and get consistant 67+mbs on speed test.

This is not universally affecting customers… there is likely something :poop: going on with your account that is causing a crash during the load. I just responded to your ticket so you can see the thread. We will investigate and follow up ASAP.

Yes thanks, I responded to your email. Here is what I got a minute ago trying to get to My Smartapps.

The Hotfix is out! Things are much faster for me :slight_smile:

New Hue delay

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Now the lag is back for me and really weird things are happening in the logs. I have a smart lighting automation with a SmartThings brand motion sensor turning on a zigbee bulb connected directly to the smartthings hub which is supposed to turn off again after 15 minutes of inactivity.

As of today, I’m seeing a problem that I had a couple of months ago where the smart lighting automation is running eight or nine times in a row. It’s not supposed to do that. And it hasn’t been doing that.

The end effect is that you walk into the room and it takes almost 15 seconds for the light come on.

As before, it’s not the battery in the motion sensor, it’s not local interference, it’s not a change in any devices on the network (both of these devices are within one hop of the hub and nothing has been changed) , There is no custom code. And everything worked fine a week ago.


Here’s the automation. You can’t get much simpler than this.

Tonight we had a guest staying over, so my housemate decided to time everything that was happening on SmartLights.

There is a single smart lighting automation set up to turn on a table lamp when the motion sensor detects someone coming in the room. The light is supposed to stay on until there is 15 minutes of inactivity.

These are the only two devices we still have on SmartThings so there’s no mesh issues. They’re both within one hop of the hub. Batteries fine in the motion sensor. No custom code of any kind. And this was all working fine for several months before last week’s update.

  1. The motion sensor triggered almost immediately but it took over 10 seconds before the light came on.

Two) the light turned itself off after four minutes. Not 15 minutes. But after 15 min there is a log entry showing the smart lighting automation firing and trying to turn the light off.

The automation

the sensor firing correctly

The light turning off after four minutes, not 15, but the automation running correctly 12 minutes after the light went off.

So if my housemate hadn’t turned on a completely separate light in the room, the guest would’ve been left in the dark twice.

No one went near the lamp during this time. They were just standing and talking on the other side of the room.

Other than poltergeists, anybody have a hypothesis? :bulb::persevere::ghost: