Resetting the alarm with Alexa?

I’m having issues with presence detection and the alarm going off… so far (fingers crossed) they’ve all been false alarms…

The thing is, every time the alarm goes off, I have to pull out my phone/tablet, log on to ST and reset the alarm…

I’m wondering, is the any way thru webcore or IFTTT to do that when a certain command is given on Alexa or Google Home?

What exactly do you mean by “alarm“?

Is this smart home monitor, and if so is it in the V2 classic app or the new V3 app?

Do you want to dismiss the notification, change the security.mode, or turn off an individual device like a siren?

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Hey JD!

Yes, I’m talking about the SHM, in the classic app…

I want to dismiss the notification and set the status to “All ok” and green when the system senses that someone has arrived that is authorised… which tends to happen about 5-10 seconds after the main door has been legally opened… :slight_smile: