Is there a way for alexa to tell me when SHM is setting?

Im currently using entry delay for SHM and works great, but the wife is wants alexa to tell her when the alarm is setting to home or away or off. Any way someone can share how to do this?

Also, since i am using entry delay, can alexa give me a “count down” to set? I have a dome siren zwave too.

Several ways to make Alexa speak. All of the below is based on using the Classic SmartThings App to install custom code. Not that big of a “to-do” and well worth it!

You can use an Alexa Virtual Switch/Contact to turn on/off based on mode and/or SHM status.

You can then use an Alexa routine to say something.

You can use webCoRE and EchoSpeaks.

You can use SmartLighting as well.