2Gig / Alexa Update Possibility?


(Johnny) #1

For some time now there has much discussion about any possibility of tightly integrating 2Gig / with ST but honestly, nothing has ever touched the side I was really looking for which is as follows.

If Smartthings status changed to Away, Set Alarm Away…

If Activity “Good Night” set alarm to Stay…

If ST Changes to Home, Disarm…

You get the drift, fairly simple really but alas, it all boiled down to email notifications and IFTTT seemingly being the best answer. isn’t very giving with their API but apparently has given this to Alexa so I am seeing a possibility but not at all sure how to accomplish these simple tasks except possibly with maybe…Alexa Helper?

The issue is, I haven’t even gotten the grasp of Alexa Helper yet but seems like between Alexa Skill, CoRE and Alexa Helper…does anyone think this is possible to trigger a few simple commands? I have tested the Alexa skill and seems to be working by voice command.

So in theory I feel like something is possible now, but might take someone a little more technically savvy than me to get this in the right direction. I bet a lot of people would be happy if something came of this :wink: