Is there a way to dismiss a notification and reset SHM via a routine or webcore code in Classic App?

Hi, I am lookign for a way to create a button on the dashboard in the classic app that will dismiss an alert trigger from SHM and rest the status of the SHM. I am getting false triggers from a PIR which highlighted that my other half only knows how ot silence the alarm not dismiss it and reset the shm correctly. So I thought if I can have a button on the dashboard that does this, it woudl may her life and mine easier.

I can easily create a routine to turn rest any devices that the shm triggers but I cannot find a way to actually dismiss the shm alert and ensure the mode is set correctly.

What I mean by SHM triggers is when an alarm conidition occurs you can silence the alarm by changign mode to disarmed, but the SHM flashs red until you go into it and then click on dismiss which puts it back to green.

As anyone done this or know a way ?

Many thanks


In Classic, SHM Armed Mode (unarmed, armed stay, armed away) can be controlled because the unofficial API was leaked or hacked.

Actually acknowledging or dismissing alerts / notifications, however, cannot be done except through the SHM Dashboard itself. No API has been published, and, unless it is very hidden, isn’t provided in the Routine Builder or any other Automation editor.

Thank you for confirmign that. I thought that might be the case, which is a shame as its very limiting to building the overall solution. Also for non techy users to help simplify tasks this lack of functionality does make adoption of the system more challenging as I have found.

Hopefully somebody from Samsung reads these and wil take on board the need to provide these hooks etc.

Thank you again

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Wait - you’re serious? Even though you joined Community in October 2015?

No - Unfortunately, Samsung does not take Community feedback into account. You need to report the issue to or another support channel (like telephone support).