Reset metrics data in IDE?

I looked but cannot find a way (or post explaining this) to rest the metric data in the IDE for a device. I rebooted the device, rebooted the V3 hub, changed the device name twice but still cannot get the metrics to reset. Is there a way? My metrics, I mean counters for received messages from device, messages transmitted to device, messages transmitted to device (failures), etc.


What’s the brand and model of the device?

If it’s a hub connected device, Z wave or Zigbee, I believe the metrics apply from the first time it joined the network. So you would need to remove it from the network and then add it back to start new metrics.

If it is a Z wave device, it will be assigned a new network ID when that happens.

Hello, JDR. I wish to understand how SmartThings metrics work for any device. For example, how can I reset the Failures counter for this Z-Wave device (or an equivalent Zigbee device)? It use to show over 200 failures a day or two ago but has suddenly rest to 9. I wanted to reset it, but couldn’t figure out how, and now it has done so by itself. If I didn’t want to write down (or screen cap) the numbers when testing, is there not a way to reset the received/xmit numbers?

I appreciate any insight on this matter.

  • Received Messages From Device: 6
  • Received Messages From Device (Duplicates): 0
  • Messages Transmitted to Device: 17
  • Messages Transmitted to Device (Failures): 9
  • Updated Time: 2021-03-28 12:36 AM CDT

I’m not sure where those metrics come from or how they get reset. :thinking:

@Kianoosh_Karami @garrett.kranz

@studio1930 I don’t know how often those end up getting reset, just that they do eventually. Definitely a fair question that I’d like to find the answer for as well now.

These statistics are valuable information for those of us (like me) who assist customers. A feature for you (or any end user) to reset them directly I don’t think makes much sense for us to implement, especially given they do reset on their own eventually.


Thanks for the reply, Garrett. If someone is using the IDE, they probably have technical skills and would like to have control of counters for diagnosing issues. Resetting counters is a standard across technical industries and extremely useful (if not necessary) for chasing down an issue. For example, looking at a device in the IDE and noticing lots of errors is not helpful if you do not understand when they occurred. Since it would be unreasonable to log the date/time of every counter, most devices simply allow you to reset the counters and watch the device for new errors (e.g., Cisco devices).

Writing down the counts so I can check them again after executing some tasks is not easy at scale. A full reset of all counters would also be helpful so you could clear everything and then walk through your house setting off motion and other devices before going back and seeing is anything threw a new error (i.e., troubleshooting 101). I can’t believe this hasn’t been a request for many years (maybe it has).



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Respectfully, this is just not how zwave devices are designed to the independent third party standard.

Z wave is a self healing mesh network. The constructs are very different than Cisco Devices.

I am a network engineer and was a field tech before ever getting smartthings for my own home so I am quite familiar with troubleshooting methods for these networks.

To do the kind of troubleshooting that you describe, the field tech would remove the device from the network and then re-add it. Or add another device if you were trying to strengthen the mesh. Not reset counters that are kept by the hub for the hub. :wink:

Smartthings has its own architecture which it overlays above the third-party protocols, which is why I can’t say how or when they might redo those numbers, or even what numbers they are showing you. Just as an example, most certified Z wave hubs give you a network table which shows all possible paths. Smartthings does not, they just show you the most recent path reported to the hub. It’s not very useful for troubleshooting, but they don’t seem to care about that very much.

Given your strong technical background if you are really interested in learning how to troubleshoot zwave networks, I suggest getting the third-party toolbox Device which is available from , but you will need to accept the mindset that you, the human, do not control the routing. The system does that for itself. And that the usual troubleshooting methods involve removing devices from the network and then adding them back in again.

See the following thread for more discussion of the toolbox. (The topic title is a clickable link)

And here’s the user manual. I think you’ll like the tools that you see here, it’s just that you have to spend significant money to get them so most people won’t be interested.

It’s actually a pretty elegant system once you stop thinking about it as a star or tree topology. But sadly smartthings does not give us any of the tools to really see what’s going on. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks for your reply, JDR. I am familiar with Z-wave and Zigbee, especially after digging in with an Aeotec Z-stick and Simplicity Studio. I have recently removed some ghost devices and used the z-stick to find some devices that needed other attention. I also cleaned up my Zigbee mesh using a Digikey x-stick and XCTU. I agree that SmartThings is not interested in us technical folks (master’s in management, but spent 25+ years as a Sr. network engineer) event though their product is not really plug-and-play.

What I am not certain of is how the IDE gathers and stores the metrics for Zigbee and Z-wave devices. If the metrics are counters stored by the IDE and not kept by the device, then a reset is a simple task. If the devices store the counters, then resetting in the IDE would not work as the device would just send the next number (e.g., IDE counter=5, reset in IDE to 0, device then sends 6 instead of 1 upon next event).

My hope was that the IDE could control the counters (since technically the IDE could compensate for receiving a 6 and call it a 1 based on the user’s request to reset the counters).

Thanks for the conversation.


EDIT: I just realized that my comment about “most devices” implied I wanted the IDE to reset the counters on the devices. I was referring to the IDE as a device even though it is not, LOL. -Thanks.

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I can work on getting more information on this for your reference. The major thing this suggestion competes against is the slow but steady deprecation of the IDE. Adding new stuff to the IDE is rare at the moment (only recent major change that comes to mind is ability to change Zigbee Channel of the Hub after a long time and many people asking) due to these existing and announced plans. This is the primary reason I said what I did in my first reply.

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Thanks, Garrett. Honestly, I am not concerned about getting features added to the IDE since I know ST is moving to other solutions. I was simply curious if anyone knew how to reset the counters or if they could be reset.

I am not sure how ST will survive without the IDE and I imagine eliminating the IDE may also eliminate some ST customers. Time will tell.



It may, but only a very very small percentage. Smartthings has for years told us that most of their customers have less than 15 devices and never use any custom code. And never have any reason to sign into the IDE.

When they went to the current version of the app which folded in The smart TV and smart appliance customers they added literally 100 times as many customers as they had before, and very likely more profitable ones.

The recent decision to stop selling smartthings-branded IOT hardware Was just another step on the same path.

They haven’t yet said what will replace the IDE, but whatever it is, it probably won’t affect a high percentage of the customer base.

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I followed up on this and the “Counters” are definitely reset via Hub reboot. They also may reset themselves eventually (still working on determining this part). We basically force a Hub Reboot via Firmware Update relatively frequently. Keep in mind, there will be some lag between Hub reboot → Counters/Mesh Statistics uploading again to the Cloud, but this should begin that process if you would like to force this to happen at any time.

I’ll keep asking around about this and follow up again.

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Thanks for the follow-up. I’ll have to watch more closely. My previous hub reboots did not reflect metric resets, but maybe I didn’t wait long enough for the cloud to sync with the hub/devices/IDE.


I really hope there will be some substitute to the IDE where one can see more technical details about the devices. Reviewing logs, events, doing network repairs, troubleshooting mesh network issues are a few examples of where the IDE is still needed. Being forced to do it in an app is a significant showstopper for me…

Following up on this, I did reboot my Hub and noticed the Z-Wave Metrics cleared pretty quick. Zigbee seems to have taken longer, although I was tracking it on one of my “busier” devices and it was at 1960 pre-reboot messages and is now at ~1300 a few days later.

Still looking for the answer to the “do these metrics ever reset on their own” question.