High Rate of Messages Transmitted to Device Failures

Hello Everyone,

I have had a smartthings hub for many years and have started using it more in the last couple years. I have 30+ devices connected to it. I recently had several devices go offline and never come back on. I have successfully removed a few of them and readded them. I had to force delete them using the https://graph-na04-useast2.api.smartthings.com/ tool.

I have re-added one of my outlets and it is showing about a 95% message to device failure rate, is this a concern? Could this be causing issues with my switch not functioning through the mobile app? What can I do to get this device back to a healthy state?


Yes its a concern. If your devices were ZWave and tou deleted them that way you most likely caused ghosts in the ZWave mesh because thr hub doesnt know they were deleted.

If they’re ZWave devices, run a ZWave repair. It will show the errors you need to fix.

If they’re zigbee devices turn your hub off for at LEAST 20 minutes (remove batteries if you have a v2 hub) abd it sill cause the devices to go into panic mode and will rebuild the mesh when you turn the hub back on.

My bet - both.

So what kind if devices aren’t working?

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