Reset Dishwasher WiFi?

I bought a new Samsung dishwasher ( DW80B7070US/AA) which has the smartthings / wifi capabilities. I called Samsung support yesterday which told me to do thing like restart my phone, unplug the dishwasher for 5mins and make sure my app is up to date. They ended up telling me that I have an issue with my home’s WiFi.

Here is what I’m doing, open door
Power on
Hold smart button

  • the display then reads “AP”

Open the app, add new, dishwasher, scan the QR code. I get a “unable to join network [dishwasher]” and that I can goto my settings/ wifi and manually add with the PW 11111222222. However, I don’t see any WiFi associated with the dishwasher to join.

I have a IoT 2.4ghz network set up (unifi) and when I scan for networks using it, it also doesn’t see any new networks to join. I have my phone attached to the IoT network as well. I can’t seem to find a way to “reset” the WiFi on this model dishwasher.

I have tried the instructions from other models (DW60XXXXXX) such as holding down high-temp for 7 seconds , holding hi temp/ smart at the same time, holding bottom rack/ smart at the same time.

I looked at the User Manual and did not see anything about how to reset. You may want to post on the Samsung Community forum for appliances if no one here is able to provide you with the answer. As you noted, their general recommendation is to power it off for a few other appliances but do not know if that also applies to the DW. The Samsung Community forum should be a better resource as they have staff who generally monitor it. Go to the Samsung main website and scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the link.

for WiFi: Samsung is slightly behind the times and here are some recommendations which may or may not help any:

  • 2.4 GHz only (yep 2.4/5 GHz combo does not work)
  • WPA2 only (yep - WPA2/WPA3 does not work)
  • The SSID should not be hidden (if it is, deselect “Hide WiFi Name” in Unifi. You can enable it again when you get the DW to join.)

If your dishwasher is showing AP, it has been reset … The problem almost certainly lies in you WiFi network. These appliances use the 2.4gh network and sometimes will not join if you don’t have your router setup into 2 networks… One for 5gh and one for 2.4gh.

My 2.4/5/ 6E goto the same network. Some have bandsteering. My IoT I have set to 2.4ghz only… not sure if any of that matters though.

I believe “AP” mode on the dishwasher means access point mode and should emit 2.4ghz wifi (non-hidden SSID) then my phone would join the the dishwasher’s network. Then with the use of cellular and the ST app, I would be programming the diswashers network settings. Un-plugging it for 5mins shouldn’t “reset” that network or I would have to re-program my dishwasher every time I had a power outage.

Try splitting y2.4 into a network of it’s own and I’ll almost guarantee it will work. Also be sure your phone is on that 2.4 network when you try the joining process, then of course you can change it back afterward.

It’s also been my experience, as @jkp notes, that many brands/devices are behind the curve. My Rheem EcoNet water heater and Hydrawise irrigation system are a couple of examples: they just wouldn’t work with WPA2/WPA3 enabled! I have these two (as well as our iRobot vacuum and some security cameras) on an IoT WiFi network with WPA2 Only configured–that made the big difference for us.

Worth noting: if you have devices around the house that connect to your SmartThings Hub via WiFi, keep in mind they must reside on the same WiFi network, If your IoT virtual network (VLAN) is configured with, essentially, a firewall between it and the network where the hub resides, you’ll likely have issues–unless you’re advanced enough to include routing between VLANs (virtual networks). VLANs behave as different networks, even though they effectively run on the same router.

The basic idea is laid out in this article from ZDNET, which is based around a recommendation from the FBI about keeping IoT devices safely tucked away from home devices like a laptop or phone that potentially hold sensitive data.

In other words, don’t let your security camera have access to your financial information on your laptop in the event the camera is hacked! (Or your doorbell–go read up about Amazon Sidewalk, if you want to have nightmares. :flushed:)

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Everything on my IoT network is on a vlan …with firewall rules. That includes my ST hub v2 (no wifi), I’ve got home assistant and a few Kasa plugs, ect,ect … most the generic plugs are pretty much a gateway to wide open access to your network. My cameras are actually on another Vlan.

Nonetheless…. If I took this dishwasher out in the middle of the ocean on a boat and hooked it up to power. Then held the Smart button down and put it in “AP” mode. Should it transmit a wifi signal from it that I would see with another device?

Im thinking it should but then again, the dishwasher could have some other form of radio such as Bluetooth/ zwave, zigbee. I assume its wifi which I would attach to my phones wifi the using the ST gui (app) to give my dishwasher login info for my wifi … once on my network, my router will then give it an IP … as long as it’s an appropriate one that can then talk via LAN to the ST hub, it should show up within my ST account?

If that’s the case, there has to be a way to reset the dishwashers stored WiFi info.

Just as an update, I did make a post in the Samsung appliance forum which all told me to goto smartthings. I called (well texted) Samsung who told me to call smartthings. Which I did do today. When I put the dishwasher in AP mode, it should transmit wifi. They are looking into how to reset the wifi since power cycling and then holding down Hi-temp button while in AP mode should have. We also attempted joining the network as if it was hidden.

Nonetheless, they were going to find out how to reset the dishwashers network and call me back.