Requiring Confirmation of Switch State changes?

Sorry if this question is already covered but I couldn’t figure out how to ask the google :slight_smile:

Question: Is there a way to have get a confirmation from the user before changing the state of a outlet switch?

Background: I have a computer that is plugged into a Samsung Outlet Switch. Obviously, it would be undesirable to have the computer shut off accidentally. The computer is at my mother’s house and occasionally, it needs to be power cycled in order to recover from a crash state.

I’m concerned about the scenario where I, or someone else, accidentally touches the “On” label, which then toggles the switch off. Is there already a script that someone has written to pop up a secondary confirmation window?


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I don’t think this can be done within the standard smartthings mobile app.

You might consider setting up the very popular third party dashboard app, smarttiles, and just leaving the computer switch off of that dashboard. Then use smarttiles for all of your everyday interactions with the system, and only use the things list in the SmartThings mobile app like an admin function. SmartTiles is customizable, so you can list only the devices you want to. It runs in any web browser.


(Thanks @JDRoberts for the mention of SmartTiles).

ActionTiles already has the above function as a “Planned” Feature Request from our Beta Testers. Not quite sure our priority on implementing this particular item though, but always glad to see other folks with a similar requirement, since it makes it more worthwhile to put in the development effort.

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Thank you @JDRoberts, I’ll check that out - great suggestion.

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Thank you @tgauchat, glad to hear it’s on the list.

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