Switched Power ON/OFF Detection

I have switched 120V room outlets. I would like to detect when an outlet is both switched on and off so I can cause a smart outlet in another room to mirror the operation. Is there a device available to plug in (or some other method) that will detect and communicate these status changes?

If the outlets in the first room are currently controlled by a dumb wall switch, you could replace it with a smart wall switch or use an in-wall micro.

Had not thought of looking at the switch. Some research, purchase and testing is in order. But this looks doable whereas all my other ideas and research failed. Thank you.

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Sorry, I misunderstood the first time that you have a switch controlling outlets. In that case my previous suggestions won’t work.

Instead, yes, it’s the switch that you need to replace with a smart device, and then everything should work fine.

Thanks for your effort. I’m glad I’ve picked Smartthings migrating from Iris. My primary system is dementia related control. But now I’m attempting to branch out and get more use from the initial investment. I have a lot to learn. It’s great having this resource! Again, THANKS!

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