Show plugs from Alexa onto actiontiles

So I have a few smart sockets that are not compatible with a direct integration into smartthings but managed to get them to work via ifttt ( tuya app) so I can use them in routines etc via virtual switches. Would it be possible to have these run on actiontiles at all as well? I’m guessing I can but trying to get my head around a way to do this. So for example, I have a smart socket plugged into a little candle scent and one connected into a little portable heater. Having just bought actiontiles it would be neat to have them show up on actiontiles. Thanks.

If you already have the state of these switches available via virtual switches in ST, you just need to expose the virtual switches to actiontiles.


Yeah. It’s the toggling that’s confusing me. I would have to create 2 virtual switches wouldn’t I? One for off and one for on? Currently I’m only using a push button to switch things off on my we are out routine just so the heater and candle switch off when we leave. But If I were to use actiontiles I’d want to be able to switch it on and off with a toggle

A Toggle could be implemented with a Virtual “Momentary Button” instead of a Switch. A Momentary just sends “pressed”, and thus it is up the the Device Handler or SmartApp to decide whether that means on, off, or toggle.

If you use a Virtual Switch, ActionTiles always sends the “opposite State” of what it thinks the State is - that’s why every Switch Device Handler is supposed to report it’s “actual state” as soon as possible back to SmartThings - so that ActionTiles’s subscription can pick up the State change; reflect it properly, and be ready to issue the opposite command.

If you use a Virtual Switch - you really ought to have a SmartApp, webCoRE, etc., keeping track of the related physical devices so that it can update the Virtual Switch State accordingly.

There are situations that require logical consideration: If you have a Virtual Switch that turns on a “set of lights”, what State should the Switch be in if some of those lights have been turned off (manually or by their individual SmartThings switches)? You could decide that the Group State should remain as “on” because some are on, and thus ActionTiles is ready to turn the rest of them “off” with a single Tap - or vice versa; … or even put in a formula such that if more or less than 1/2 of them are on …

Or let ActionTiles believe whatever State it last set - which is a fine solution if the individual lights are rarely changed outside of ActionTiles.