Switch device handler that can't be accidentally turned on without entering a code?

Has anyone written a switch device handler that can’t accidentally be turned on without some sort of a code entered… I have a few devices… for example… a chicken coop door… Which I wouldn’t want opened unless I were at home to keep an eye on them…(hawks)… Which from time to time accidentally get turned on by someone in the family foraging around in our settings ap… lm not much for writing code myselfv but have no problem installing and implamenting others code… if anyone has any ideas that could help me ,I’d be gratefull…thanks

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I’m not sure if it can be done through the device type handler itself, but you could just use one of the dashboard options so that those devices only show up for you and other people don’t see them at all.

Actiontiles is probably the most popular as it lets you customize both the look and the devices each person sees. For example, it’s popular for families with kids so that one kid can’t turn the lights on and off in another kid’s room.

There’s a license fee of about $25 per hub (not per device), and it will run in almost any browser. So that would be one way to solve it.

There are some other options which are free if you want to look at those as well.

You can find them on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki on the “dashboard” list. :sunglasses:


Anyway, that’s one popular approach.

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Thinking of a on off button that prompts you for a code when pressed that must be entered before changing the on/off state of the switch

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Yes… This is a feature of ActionTiles: PIN Protected Tile (one PIN per dashboard, can be enabled or disabled per Tile).

14 days free trial.

You could build a special DTH instead, with perhaps several Tiles to input the PIN; but ActionTiles’s extra features may be useful to you (thousands of happy customers, 4.9 Rating on Facebook/ActionTiles

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