Repurposing an aeonlabs siren


Hey all. Im in the market for a good locally functioning z wave siren but unfortunately none of the current options look any good to me.

I was considering purchasing an aeonlabs siren and tearing it apart. My plan is to just find what voltage the siren runs at and hook up the aeonlabs siren output to a relay that will power a more appropriate siren.

I hear a lot of people have false trigger and connectivity issues with the fortrezz siren, so I dont want to use it as a base.

Before I dive in, Im wondering if anyone would be able to provide pictures of the PCB of an aeonlabs siren.

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there are quite a few threads like below.


What don’t you like about the current options?

If it’s the volume level, that’s limited by law in many US jurisdictions to just below the level of a smoke alert, so around 110 dB at maximum. In some places you can get a license to have a louder siren. There is typically a pretty big fine the second time it goes off, as it’s considered a problem for your neighbors.

If it’s some other feature, people may have ideas on that.

As far as hacking the siren, I wouldn’t bother, personally. I just use a Contact sensor with dry contacts or maybe a relay like the Mimolite. It would be cheaper and easier than taking apart the Aeon siren. Then just sell the Aeon siren that you already have if you don’t want it anymore

If you look at the topics in the forum on hacking a doorbell, it’s the same basic idea. Here’s one that discusses several options:


I dont want the controller and the siren integrated together - just directs attention straight to the thing you need to smash to make it stop - I want a siren in the attic with the controller downstairs.

Also all the threads Ive seen complaining about connectivity issues were related to the fortrezz so I dont really trust it (and I dont like that ugly wire on an indoor application) and none of the siren settings on the aeonlabs siren actually sound like a siren to me - they sound like a smoke detector at best.


that sucks - I wonder what setup they have


The benefit of hacking up a siren vs using other available z wave components to build something is that it should still function offline and the comms have already been verified by smartthings.