LOUD Siren triggered by Zwave Switch?

I have the Aeon Siren for indoor use but I really want a super loud siren I can install in an attic gable. If I use a Zwave switch of some sort to turn on a security siren, how could I send audio to it? Or does anyone know of a 110V siren that, when energized, just screams some type of tone?


In most places in the US it is illegal to have a siren in a residential area which is more than about 110 dB. You can have a smoke alarm that meets the national code and presents in the officially approved pattern, and I think that Those can go to 115, but only in brief bursts .

But in many places you will get a major fine for disturbing the peace if you have a very loud siren and your neighbors complain.

Which makes it difficult even to test. so that’s why there aren’t more of them sold. The manufacturers don’t want you to get mad at them when you have to pay a $1500 fine.

I believe the fortrezz is the loudest standard zwave residential siren you can get at just over 110 DB. I do think that’s louder than the aeon, but it’s still not super loud.


The alternative is to trigger a sound file on a regular speaker device that can go louder. Or find a commercial siren that runs on power and just plug it into a smart switch. Again, if you have close neighbors this may result in Municipal complaints, so just take that into account. Also, you probably have to have a license to operate a commercial siren so that’s a separate fine.

Most communities take noise complaints quite seriously.

The Lowes Iris siren is 100 DB and can be powered by 110v. You will need to purchase the adapter.


Not sure how loud it will be on the street. Most homes have good sound proofing. Doubt a 110DB will be heard in the house through most of the insulation, at least at a loud enough level.

To combat this I purchased 3. One for garage, one for lower floor, and one for main floor.


I do this for a dedicated burglar alarm. Maybe you have a vent in the gable so you could hear it, but it won’t be nearly as loud as mounted outside.

Anything will work - you want a 110v siren not a speaker - search for that.

Remember it will always go off WHEN YOU DON’T WANT IT. So you don’t really want an ear-splitting siren anyway.

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Do sirens really work? Since the introduction of car burglar alarms I have learned to totally shut out the sound of the sirens. If I am in bed and an alarm goes off outside I curse the vehicle owner and cover my head with a pillow. Maybe a noob thief might get startled and run but a pro know that other like myself will ignore the siren.

Sirens have a deterrent factor IF thieves believe they indicate that an alert has been sent to the police or the homeowner. They’re useless for getting neighbors to do anything. ( if you want help from your neighbors, talk to them and agree on mutual text messages as emergency alerts.)

I think so. When that sucker is blaring, I don’t want to be around it.

When my alarm trips all my hues turn red and the siren goes off. It is a very disorienting.

Most thieves are not “professionals”, the majority are optimistic smash and grab types. About 30% of burglaries happen through an unlocked window or door.

Awesome guys. I live in a rural area and don’t have neighbors, thankfully. I think I might go with this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003S1NQ2C/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A29PFSLE3D9XFX
Looks like all I’ll need is a 12V adapter plugged into a zwave outlet for easy installation.

I think a siren inside & outside (combined with my home security yard sign) will be a deterrent. I’ve got cameras that snap images and send them to my phone with motion as well. I should be able to call 911 faster than a paid home security company.

Thanks for the tips!

I built my own custom siren + strobe. Siren I used is 119db, it’s plenty loud! See below for instructions on how I put it together

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