100% Z Wave Doorbell hack

So, I got tired of waiting for someone to come up with this. I know Aotec is technically working on this and there is also a fully developed version for Zwave Europe standards.

I basically ordered 3 things from Amazon

A momentary normallyclosed button

Ecolink Door sensor

And the Aeon Siren

As some of you know, the door sensor can be opened and wired to whatever you want, I wired it to the normally closed button.

Then I programmed the door sensor to trigger the alarm with the open/close monitor Smartapp when opened and stop when closed (like a normal alarm) However because the Aeon alarm has programmable chimes and volume (one of the chimes is pretty friednly http://aeotec.com/sounds/5.mp3) this sounds more like a “chime” than an alarm. I wont go as far as saying it sounds like a doorbell because as my wife said… well it does not sound like a doorbell. Anyway I set it to the lowest volume

That is it, it works like a charm


Too bad about Amazon links not rendering nicer. But cool hack :smile:

Could also play any sound you want if you have a SONOS or other connected speaker.

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I tired something like that with Obything but it was very delayed

EDIT: tech support fixed it fast!

On a separate note if anyone is reading this and has the Siren for some reason when I went into its settings to take a screen capture for the write up, it screwed up the settings and now it does not let me save preferences for tone and volume… Does anyone know how to fixed that? I already tried removing and re-adding the device several times but no luck


what type of switch does it require ? normally open or closed , or will it work with both types ? I wanna use the existing doorbell pushbutton and wiring . running a new wire and pushbutton would not be an option. thanks

The OP used a normally closed button. I did one with a normally open button using a regular doorbell.

Cool, thanks for the info…

Sorry for the late reply.

I used a normally closed switch to be able to use standard smartapp that could trigger an alarm when the contact opens and stop when it closes

hi All, New to SmartThings!

Can someone detail how to use the normally closed button? I have a NuTone LA14WH that I would like to receive notifications on. There is a front doorbell and a back doorbell. Both are lit. I assume I need 2 sensors. I also assume it is normally open since the bell buttons are lit.

The bells are wired to a 16v transformer.

I have 2 open/close sensors that can be hard wired. I assume I need to order 2 normally closed buttons… but I’m not sure how to wire them.

Attached is a photo.

My questions are:

  1. Do I really need to have normally closed buttons? If so, how do I wire them? (Doorbell wires and sensor wires)

  2. Can I connect directly to the transformer and the bell? Is the voltage too high? (sorry novice at electrical circuits too!).

Any other tips appreciated!

I used the normally closed button so that as I wired it to the Open/Close sensor (door/windows type sensor) I could use a traditional smartapp that can trigger an alarm when a door is open, thus the pushing of the button would trigger the alarm which in my caseI converted to my doorbell. It looks like you are trying to integrate a real doorbell in and just include getting notifications right? I would think all you need to do is put in the open/close sensor in parallel with the existing doorbell button, I am just not sure what happens with the power that runs through it…

Nowadays however things have gotten easier, you could just get this to replace the whole doorbell…

Thanks Jefo!

I actually tried that exact doorbell but had issues with:
-It just doesn’t work reliably. I would press the button and get no chime, then press again and get 2 chimes… even with the button and chime very close to each other. Or sometimes pressing once would get 2 chimes.
-The bell light is not continuously lit like a hard wired one…
-It doesn’t look as nice as current hardwired doorbell.

Turns out, hardwiring the sensors won’t fit into the chime box anyway…but a SmartThings multisensor will detect vibration on doorbell ring and is small enough to fit.

Now, I get “Doorbell is rung” notification for front or back door. It’s not perfect, but it works. I can’t differentiate between front and backdoor, and I get some false positives like when the closet door is closed. It’s not perfect, but I can live with it till someone fills the void for a Z-wave chime or constantly lit hard wired pushbutton. I looked into Ring and Skybell but I already have cameras at the doors, and the reviews are pretty spotty…