Reports over time, graphs, etc?

Wondering if there is a project that will show me reports such as:

  • Graph a temperature sensor over configurable time range.
  • Show me which lights are on the most (and if device has energy reporting how much it’s consumed).
  • Graph a humidity sensor over time (allow multiple devices to be shown on same graph for comparison).

Is there a 3rd party project that does this?
Is all the sensor data recorded in the cloud for a long period of time?

Thanks in advance!

Sure, there are several. See the “logging“ round up.

ROUNDUP: Data Logging and Charting Solutions

And the amount of time they have kept the data logs in your cloud account has varied, but I think we’re down to seven days now. It’s not very long, it’s definitely less than a month. So you need to grab it and store it for yourself, but that’s what the various logging options will do. :sunglasses:


as well as

Can easily be done. Start with this logging app → [OBSOLETE] Simple Event Logger

and from there you can Graph anything you want as long as that data is exposed by ST. See here for how I did my AC operating state → [HOW TO] Graph your AC/Thermostat Operating State from Google Sheets to Action Tiles using Event Logger

Here are some of the ones that mine graph daily

let me know if you need help

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I really need to do this because I just realized today that since 10/14/17, my Den Entertainment has used close to 32,000 kWh. At $.12/kWh, that close to $4,000! Calculating monthly that about $150/month just on energy use from a room that I don’t ever use myself! It’s where the boys hang out gaming, etc.

Think this graphing expedition will help me cut some cost and lock the room down more when not in use.

I have tried graphing this and there is a nuance in how the device is configured to report. If you think about it the device should only report its kwh use once per hour since the standard is in hour interval. There are a number of ways that the device could report or how it posts that date. For example does it report a cumulative energy usage or does it post the amount used in one hour?

In my case what I have figured out was easier to read was wattage readings. There is no math to be done to verify use and it will still show you operating versus idle state etc.

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