Home Energy Monitor integrations - How are you using the data

So I have a few Zooz ZEN 15 plugs, a couple of Aeon micro switches, ST plugs and the Aeon ZW095 Home energy meter. I have installed the Device logging SmartApp and am collecting a lot of data. I also added the Accuweather Connect SmartApp to log daily temperature data for my location.

My question is how are you folks using your data collected from your energy meters?

I would like to be able to create graphs of the data showing daily energy usage in versus temperature similar to what some power companies do and I would like to automate the process so I don’t have to create excel spreadsheets and extrapolate data constantly to create charts as I am not that great at pivot tables and charts in Excel

Here’s a sampling of data I’ve collected so far:

You might find the data logging FAQ of interest. It was started a couple years ago, but most of the solutions still apply. :sunglasses: (The topic title is a clickable link)

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I thought about doing graphs and what not but really I just use the power functions for the devices that have them, to trigger automations.

If power raises above x then do y…Works great for all kinds of things like laundry monitoring.

I also have some pistons that will send messages saying how much energy was used for a certain device with daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Here’s one:

Then you can do cool stuff in webCoRE Dashboard such as this:

Yep, that $4,000 is accurate!! Yikes! The projected cost is for the month. This has been keeping tally of energy used/cost since I installed it.


Thank You . I haven’t had luck or experience with the simplest of WebCore pistons. So much so that I abandoned it. This gives me reason to start tinkering with it again.