Replacing fan timer with GE Z-Wave smart switch

I picked up a GE Z-Wave smart switch and want to replace my dumb fan timer as it seems to be flakey at best.

I flipped the breaker for my bathroom circuits and pulled the fan switch out. It is nicely labelled with all 4 connections required for the GE switch (load, line, neutral and ground). But the display on the dumb switch remains on. I’m worried there is some current flowing through one of the wires. Any ideas here? With the breaker flipped I’m not sure what else to try. Is there a battery in there perhaps?


thanks in advance

Some of the timer do have a capacitor for keeping the program incase you have power outage. Try leaving the circuit breaker off for an hour or If you have any doubt then the best thing is to use a volt meter.

I had a few of those timers in the past. Open the flap below the time. In there you will find a few Watch style batteries which are used when the power goes out to keep your programming. You may need a small screw driver to pull out the batteries.

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Even though you think you have turned off the correct circuit breaker, you should use one of these:

before touching anything that might surprise you.