Suggestion for a wall switch timer

I have a bathroom exhaust fan that is controlled by a push button wall switch. The switch has a timer that turns the fan off after 15 minutes.

Is there a replacement momentary contact Z-Wave or zigbee wall switch that can be used to turn off the fan after a certain time? Accessing the fan to install an inline switch is not an option.

I realize this will require an automation.

Thank you.

How about a rocker switch that allows for a double tap option? It wouldn’t be as intuitive for guests, but it should be easy to learn for anyone who lives in the house, and you would have several choices. :sunglasses: so single tap just to turn the fan on, double tap to turn it on and have it turn itself off after 15 minutes (or whatever time interval you wanted). GE, Homeseer, Inovelli, and several other brands now offer rocker switches with double tap options.

Otherwise if you really want a push button you could use one of the Leviton Zone controllers, although they are much more expensive.

However, in both those cases the timer function would be handled in the smartthings cloud, which means it would not work if the Internet wasn’t working or the smartthings cloud was not available. So I don’t know if that would meet your requirements.

If I misunderstood your request and what you want is a switch which always turns itself off after 15 minutes and which will work even if the Internet is down, Zooz makes a rocker switch with a timer function that can do that:

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I put Sonoff minis, $9, behind switches and do an automation.

Seems like the push button has a fancy built in timer but the fan doesn’t necessarily need a push button…

I use a regular GE Switch like the one @JDRoberts posted. I then use a webCoRE Piston to turn on/off the fan based on various conditions. You are welcome to import and edit to your likings.

My home was built in 1969 (all copper :+1:) and no switch has a neutral wire. Many are just 2 wire. Everything i found needs a neutral. That has been the issue several other times with 3 way switches. I can’t use them.
It appears this time a smart switch won’t work.