2yr old GE Z-Wave switch not working now. Replace feature also doesn't work

I have about 10 GE switches and now my switch for a fan is not working after working for 2+ yrs.
The switch stays on 100% time.
I can turn it on/off manually or with ST, the switch clicks, but doesnt physically change the power to the fan.

Tried pulling the tab to reset but nothing.

Wait…you say “fan” in your second post. Is this switch a fan controller or just a regular dimmer?’

This one:

Or this one:

The switch is just a wall paddle switch that turns on a fan.
Simple on/off, not a dimmer.
Not sure what caused it to not be able to turn off but I have another switch.

Trying to use the replace feature but it just says “Ready to replace device” then it has a spinning/loading symbol…
Not sure what I’m suppose to do, I would think it would provide a list of devices to replace it with…

I don’t believe the on/off switches are rated for motor loads.

They are. Up to 1/2 HP.

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@Nezmo and @Ryan780, FWIW I have a couple regular GE zwave switches running fans w/out a problem for a few years now.

@dseg, I had a couple GE switches do this in the past. Both were controlling normal lights, and they were stuck on, and nothing would make them turn off. Luckily I had a backup zwave switch I was able to replace it with.

I think you have a switch that went bad. It’s not unheard of with the GE’s. If you’ve done everything to kill power to the device, including the breaker, and it still keeps the light on after bringing power back on - then you have a bad switch.

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Sounds like an air gap problem.