Replacement for Laundry Monitor

Has anyone seen a replacement for Laundry Monitor? My wife used it all the time, and it died with the Groovy transition.

It was a pretty simple app that monitored when power usage went above 10w or so and then sent a text message when it went below that.

I cannot figure out how to code it in Sharptools either as it is a bit more complex than just sending a notification when usage is below a certain wattage.

That should be pretty straightforward in SharpTools. Create a True/False variable to track if the washer is on. Set it to ON with a rule that triggers IF power changes or is greater than X.

Then set a rule IF the variable is ON, AND power changes and is less than X, send a notification and reset the variable to OFF.

You can get plenty of help with rules in the SharpTools community, .

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You can do it in Smartthings with a virtual switch (washer running) and 2 routines. In my case I use a 2nd virtual switch (wash is done) to trigger Alexa to say the “The wash is done”.

2 ST Routines

Alexa routine


Thank you to both of you. I should be able to get it to work with this.


I also got this to work… but why do you have the 2min and 5min delay? Were you having problems with this without the delay? I guess if the dryer stops I wouldn’t mind knowing right away, but if you think the 5min is important, I can leave it.

My washer does all kinds of strange things in the name of energy conservation. So the power levels are constantly changing causing false alarms with out the time delays. For a dryer that might not be an issue. You just need to experiment.