Replacement for Garden Hue Colour changing App? (Colour loops)

Hi, I was wondering if anyone as done anything to replace old apps that used DTH to the new world of edge drivers.

My problem is I have a zigbee RGB module connected to an RGB LED Strip and I was until recently using the Garden Hue app to sequence a colour change when its switched on. Now that app as stopped working … I am trying to find an alternative way to achieve the same.

Ive installed a zigbee edge driver with the help of the community ( thank you) but I cant seem to make use of it with any of the standard ST apps or options such as routines or scenes.

I thought of using Alexa routine but that doesn’t have options that would allow me to loop the colour changes.

Does anybody have any colour changing /looping apps or suggestions please ?

Many thanks

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If you have access to change the colors in a ST routine, you can use the Edge Counter from @TAustin to trigger the color changes at set intervals.

If light turns on
Turn on counter

If counter eq “x secs”
Change color to blue
Turn on counter (resets)

If counter eq “y secs”
Change color to red
Turn on counter (resets)

It’s not as elegant as being able to loop, but can achieve your goal. I haven’t explored whether Sharptools offers the ability to loop or not.

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Loops can be created in SharpTools by having a variable change as a secondary trigger, then changing that variable in the body of the rule.

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Hi Thanks for the suggestions

The problem I see with the edge counter is that whilst very useful ( will be looking at if for other things) it doesnt provide the ability to loop back round , so yes

eq (secs) change colour , eq sec change colour but once it gets to the end of any colour sequence its will just stop.

Looked at Sharptools ( haven’t used for a while) couldn’t see how to achieve this with a rule. My lack of knowledge of Sharptools probably means I don’t understand but I couldn’t see how you could create a secondary trigger and then even if you could how that would return to the start of a sequence.

Surely this is a basic function that ST should include in their routine?

Thanks Andy

You can suggest it, but smartthings doesn’t even provide a way to make basic actionable light groups (you can put lights in a group together, but while you can manually turn the group on and off in the app, you can’t do much else with it), and they don’t provide a way to do blink, so I suspect color looping and other effects is a long way down their to do list. But you never know. :thinking:

Tagging @joshua_lyon so I don’t mangle the explanation.

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Are you wanting it to do an infinite loop to keep changing the colors? If so, you need a second routine another virtual device to keep track of reaching the end of color changing and to re-trigger the first routine.

I don’t know what model RGB device you want to use it with.
If it is zigbee you can start using this Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc driver.

The infinite loop It can be activated and deactivated manually and with routines or scenes.

You can adjust how often the color changes, from 1 sec.

And it has all these color changing modes

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