Any replacement for Garden Hue?

I used to use the Smartapp called Garden Hue to randomize the colors of my hue bulbs.

Now with all the changes that Samsung is doing, it would appear that this set up no longer works. Is anyone else still able to use Garden Hue? Does anyone have a different way of accomplishing random color changes for Hue within SmartThings? Thanks!

There is a hue lab control app called hue colorloop you can install in the hue app. You can set up your lights to use it when they turn on.

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Oh neat! Thanks!

whats not working… nothing in the app should have been broken… it was working fo rme in the new app,

anyway i am no longer on smartthings… with all my custom device handlers i moved to hubitat.

Thanks for asking that. I looked into my automation a bit more and it turns out it was the virtual device that wasn’t getting triggered. That automation seems to have mysteriously disappeared. I’m seriously considering Hubitat myself given what a mess ST is as the moment. Did you have to re-program everything?

most of my stuff ported directly… but i did redo all the devices and removed std zwave and replaced with zwave plus…

almost all of my stuff worked fine with some tweaks except the qubino weather station.
i also had an early copy of smarttiles (pre action tiles) that i ported for myself

garden hue is till available in the new app for me to add if you need the code it is here.

Thank you! I got it working again :blush:

How did you get yours working with virtual switch. My lights turn right back on after I schedule the virtual switch to turn off.