Color Coordinator Alternative for Edge?

I am using the old Color Coordinator smart app so I can change a series of RGBW lights to a different colour together. For example, I have a lamp with 6 bulbs in it - and I like that I can select a colour for one bulb using the RGB colour picker and they’ll all change accordingly. is there any way to do that currently in the new Edge architecture?

Brand and model of the bulbs? There may be different alternatives for different models. For example, there’s a community-created edge driver for bulbs connected to a hue bridge which can use the hue groups feature.

[ST Edge] Philips Hue LAN [BETA]

Also, it may help to understand that edge drivers are only a replacement for the old Groovy device type handlers (DTH). There are no β€œedge smartapps.” That’s because edge is for things that run on a local hub, and we are only allowed to add custom edge drivers, we are not allowed to add the equivalent of the old custom groovy smartapps.

Instead, those are now handled with automations of various kinds.

Hopefully someone will have a specific answer for your question about the color coordinator. In the meantime, you might find the following helpful in general as you look for replacements for various custom smartapps:

Replace Groovy with Automationsβ€”what’s your plan?

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Thanks @JDRoberts. My lights are a combination of Sengled and EcoSmart.

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I have the same potential issue with Zooz RGB controllers. Works fine with the Color Coordinator Smartapp, but the beta lighting smart app, like its predecessor does not have this function. Seems like that is major gap as there seems little reason to use the lighting smart app except for synching right now.

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We’re regressing, not progressing, it seems. So much for β€œsmart” when the system is becoming more β€œdumb”.

This functionality seems like it should be simple. I think Edge will give us a good result in the end, I just feel like the migration and roll out has been flawed.

I remain hopeful. But I agree that the migration leaves a lot to be desired. I’ve never used any custom DTH, all of my devices are just standard Z-Wave or Zigbee (mostly GE/Jasco or Inovelli switches and Sylvania OSRAM bulbs, etc.). Yet, out of over 50 devices, only 5 have auto migrated to Edge drivers so far. My hub is loaded up with all the relevant Edge drivers necessary but nothing beyond those 5 have done so and I’m just not in the mood to go manually excluding and re-adding all those devices. I’m going to be really pi**ed off if they stop working.

For me it’s not even about the device drivers as much, but the loss of the smart app functionality. I guess in some ways they go hand in hand. I feel like we’re on gen 1 devices of some new start up system and not quite sure what the future is.

I almost wonder if they would’ve been better to leave SmartThings β€œas is” and start a brand new system with Matter/Thread and Edge.

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has anyone worked out a fix for the color coordinator yet? i’ve had my eco system running for over 3 years and ass of about 3 months ago things have been going haywire. i had 3 instances of the color coordinator app running and one instance quit responding so i deleted it thinking i could just easily re install. nope. so now i’m left hanging with some lights that won’t color match. theres no longer a mirror function for any devices either so things are just a little haywire right now.

If your lights are ZigBee you could try @Mariano_Colmenarejo β€œZigBee Light Multifunction Mc” Edge Driver. You can put the bulbs into groups and create a virtual device to control them as one device.

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